New Telecare and Telehealth technology provision to the NHS and Local Authorities in the United Kingdom

Rochester 16 June 2006RSL Steeper Holdings Limited and Home Telehealth Limited have signed a Collaboration to provide new Telecare and Telehealth technology to the National Health Service (NHS) and Local Authorities in the United Kingdom. RSLSteeper works in partnership with the NHS and is a provider of rehabilitation services and products in the United Kingdom. Products and services include Prosthetics (artificial limbs) and Orthotics (braces and supports) and Electronic Assistive Technology systems. The electronic assistive technology and telecare systems enable elderly and severely disabled people to live more independently and safely at home.


RSLSteeper's clinical focus on delivering quality services to patients in partnership with the NHS is at the foundation of the organisation. Within the proven electronic assistive technology (EAT) arena its caring engineers are installing and maintaining systems across the United Kingdom.

In recognition of goods and services supplied to the public sector for over 50 years RSL has been successful in being awarded the NHS PASA National Framework Agreement for Telecare/Telehealth as a "full service provider". This contract covers equipment supply, installation, maintenance and monitoring of Telecare/Telehealth technologies and managed services.

Home Telehealth Limited (HTL) is a Telehealth, Telemedicine and integrated technology and service solutions provider in the health and social care space. HTL has won private sector and NHS PASA approved demonstration projects for home patient monitoring. Systems have been installed in the London Borough of Newham, with Newham University Hospital NHS Trust, and Chorleywood Health Centre where patients with long term conditions can be monitored at home to reduce hospital admissions, improve hospital discharge times, save costs and deliver better patient care. Patient satisfaction with the home monitoring technology is around 95 percent as individuals can remain in their own homes instead of being in a hospital bed or care home.

The Government recognises that an ageing population, rapidly rising health and social care costs and a shortage of health and social care professionals requires a new vision and delivery of care in the community. As a result the Government's GBP80m Preventative Technologies Grant (PTG), and GBP60m Partnerships for Older People Projects (POPP) available from April 2006, will support the deployment of a range of innovative Telecare technologies and new managed services to enhance and maintain the well being, self-esteem and independence of individuals.

The new partnership between RSL and HTL is positioned perfectly to help public sector organisations deliver on the promise of telehealth. RSL's 80 year-old relationship with the UK public sector combined with a strong clinical ethos and a UK wide engineering force makes this a "safe pair of hands" for NHS Trusts and Social Services when implementing home telehealth solutions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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