Hypercosm LLC launches medical simulation group

Madison 08 June 2006Hypercosm LLC, an expert in 3D interactive simulation technologies and development services for Web-based training, education and design visualization, has formed the Hypercosm Medical Group. Hypercosm Medical Group, led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gerry Higgins, will focus on aspects of digital medical publishing, distance learning courseware, medical procedure training, and anatomical visualization. Near term applications also include supplements for minimally invasive surgical training and military medic training such as just-in-time emergency surgical procedures for delivery to the battlefield.


"Hypercosm's real advantages for the medical market are three-fold", explained Dr. Higgins. "Its file size compression with lossless image quality, security encryption, and unlimited interactivity result in a user's ability to perform in real-time examples such as probe control to move a blood vessel aside during a prosection, or user control of the forearm to visualize muscle deformation and movement. From the molecular to gross levels of spatial human morphology, the applications are almost limitless. Interactive 3D visualization, medical procedural training, and anatomical atlas capabilities are all within the range of this exceptional technology."

Dr. Higgins will also oversee an impressive Medical Advisory Board consisting of recognized experts in a range of fields. The Advisory Board contains experts from clinical, scientific domains and the learning sciences to help guide the strategy of Hypercosm. They range from Bioinformatics experts such as Dr. Brian Athey at the University of Michigan School of Medicine to Dr. Bruce Jarrell, Dean at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Also joining the new Hypercosm Medical Group is Nancy Fraker, Hypercosm's Director of Business Development for the Southeast Region, and Jennifer Sieck, a nationally recognized medical graphics artist. "Quality Web-based 3D interactive distance learning is now a reality", remarked Nancy Fraker. "Telemedicine is just one area where Hypercosm will create a major impact. The small file sizes are ideal for content delivery to remote locations and for disaster planning."

Hypercosm focuses on 3D interactive content creation and tools for high fidelity realistic simulation, training and Web-based 3D visualization. Their medically trained content development team is backed with a suite of software tools, including:

Hypercosm creates products and technologies to enable highly interactive 3D simulations for mobile training, education and design visualization. Hypercosm's patented approach to encoding object geometry and behaviours results in low file size simulations that can be delivered over the Web practically and effectively, even with low bandwidth connections. Hypercosm products and services have provided Web-based interactive astronaut training, mechanical assembly instructions, familiarization training, science education teaching aids, and 3D architectural design spaces. Demonstrations of the technology can by viewed at the Hypercosm Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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