AssistMed connects the MediPort EHR product to the Healthvision e-Health Interoperability Exchange

Irving 13 July 2006Healthvision, a health care Internet company, has integrated a fourth partner into their e-Health Interoperability Exchange Partnership Programme, with the addition of AssistMed's MediPort EHR. Healthvision's e-Health Interoperability Exchange electronically links all members of the patient care team, including physicians, hospitals, labs and other stakeholders, for the purpose of sharing key clinical data among all care providers and developing a complete electronic data record for all patients.


Healthvision's e-Health Interoperability Exchange is designed specifically to create an interconnected, comprehensive electronic health record of both inpatient and ambulatory data. These patient data are then delivered to all care team participants, either through implemented EMR/EHR applications or through Web-based portal views. Healthvision's architecture ensures private and secure data exchange while providing a patient-centric data repository from multiple sources. Healthvision is committed to working with EMR vendors like AssistMed to extend the value of interoperability to the entire provider team.

Currently, electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) provide the physician with the tools to manage a patient's health at the point of care. However, such applications alone contain only a specific portion of the necessary clinical information to ensure quality care. The combination of an interoperability exchange with an EMR or EHR application effectively connects all clinical patient data from a variety of sources, including labs, hospitals and physician practices. Putting this complete patient database into practice at the point-of-care improves both the overall quality and cost of care.

Healthvision's e-Health Interoperability Exchange delivers the following key components:

  • HIPAA-compliant security solution provides authentication, access and auditing for all clinical data.
  • Patient identity resolution via Healthvision's integrated patient resolution module or through external EMPR products.
  • Patient-centric longitudinal data repository that can store data from inpatient and ambulatory systems.
  • Work flow engine that provides intelligent alerting and message routing based on specific data content.
  • Standards-based system support for existing and newly emerging open standards and a non-proprietary implementation approach.

AssistMed-s patient-centric on-line EHR, MediPort, does not require clinicians to adapt to the software or be exposed to expensive installation costs or hardware obsolescence. Instead, clinicians can continue to dictate or document their notes as they wish while the system adapts to the way they work. MediPort allows the creation, access, and availability of medical data to the entire authorized community of care. Through its powerful and user-friendly ASP technology, MediPort provides a full-featured EHR, meeting the needs of the entire spectrum of health care providers.

"Healthvision has created a single point of communication for all participants in the EHR creation and delivery process by forming partnerships with key EHR vendors", stated Scott Decker, CEO and president of Healthvision. "We are excited to include AssistMed in our programme, which was developed to create the first universal, standardized communication framework linking multiple EMRs, EHRs, lab systems and hospital systems into a connected health care community."

"The intelligent use of information is the true core of AssistMed's solutions. The partnership with Healthvision and the incorporation of MediPort with the e-Health Interoperability Exchange further realizes our company goal of delivering real-time health information, personalized work flow, and point-of-care knowledge to providers across the continuum of care", stated Raul Kivatinetz, President, COO and Co-Founder of AssistMed.

Healthvision is committed to working with all interested EMR and EHR vendors to extend the value of data interoperability across the entire spectrum of health providers and stakeholder groups. EMR and EHR vendors are encouraged to join Healthvision's exchange, which requires a simple certification process.

Based in California, AssistMed is a provider of comprehensive EHR-related solutions. Products and services include electronic health records, practice management systems, dictation, transcription, speech recognition, natural language processing, document management, automated coding, and enterprise solutions. AssistMed's services are utilized by physicians, hospitals, payers, and research organisations.

Healthvision creates Connected Healthcare Communities by helping health care organisations effectively develop functional health care information exchange (HIE) entities. Healthvision's market leading, Internet-based e-Health Interoperability Exchange facilitates the secure exchange of clinical patient information, and currently hosts over 10 million unique patient records.

More than 350 health care organisations have chosen Healthvision's solutions for the secure and timely communication of clinical information among key stakeholder groups, including 40.000 clinicians and millions of consumers and patients. Healthvision was established in 1999 and is a privately held company. More Healthvision news is available in the VMW February 2006 article Greater Rochester IPA signs with Healthvision for clinical information data exchange.

Leslie Versweyveld

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