Global home care products provider Aerotel Medical Systems forms alliance with Italian telemedicine services provider Telbios

Milan 19 July 2006Telbios, a telemedicine services provider in Italy, has signed an exclusivity agreement with Aerotel Medical System, specialized in the manufacturing of medical devices and software platforms for telemedicine and home care services, for exclusive marketing and distribution of Aerotel innovative products in the Italian market.


The agreement with Aerotel expands the range of telemedicine and home care services offered by Telbios, which includes Tele-assistance, Tele-cardiology, and Tele-radiology services. Health organisations such as hospitals, private and public health care institutions can now offer their patients a simple and efficient means to monitor the state of their health.

"The agreement with Aerotel is important since it gives us access to devices and technologies that are state of the art and that complete Telbios' range of services offered", stated Leopold Genovesi, CEO of Telbios.

Aerotel's devices such as EKG machines allow the patients to self measure the cardiologic parameters and send them, in short time, via telephone or GSM mobile phone handset, from any location to the call centre. The transmitted information can be instantly interpreted by the team of cardiologists of San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan working within Telbios Telemedicine Service Center on a 24 hours call basis and immediately sent to the attending GP of the patient.

"Thanks to this technology the chronically ill patients can now avail of those technologies and are offered the possibility to be monitored without leaving the comfort of their home or while travelling and still follow a tight treatment protocol that results in the benefit of their quality of life", concluded Leopold Genovesi.

"Telemedicine is a growing market all over the globe and in Italy we can also see a very positive growth", stated David Rubin, President and CEO of Aerotel Medical Systems. "Having Telbios as a business partner will allow us both to develop dedicated solutions to the growing Italian market."

Monitoring the chronically ill patients can be considered as an emergency on a national level: in Italy there are over 2,5 million diabetic patients, over 4 million patients suffering from respiratory dysfunction, one million of patients suffering from chronic heart failure and the number of patients under anticoagulation treatment exceeds one million. Patients with two or more chronic diseases include 19,4 percent of the population.

Telemedicine is the most suitable remote follow-up method for the cited pathologies. Telemedicine reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and reduces waiting lists for medical treatment with a significant saving factor on economical resources.

Telbios is an Italian company expert for telemedicine services and networks in civil and military health care structures, and for home care assistance, proposing services and customer oriented solutions. Telbios features his services thanks to the assistance supplied by the Telemedicine Service Center (TSC) where 24 hours a day technical specialist operators and specialist phisicians are on hand for customer clinic data and diagnostic images receipt, management, archiving, monitoring and reporting. TSC ensures a protected data access to information about a single patient and enables Web-based clinical data sharing, with emergency intervention activity at every time. More news can be found in this VMW issue's article Telbios selects Alcatel solution to deliver innovative residential telemedicine services.

Aerotel Medical Systems is an expert in cost-effective, high quality, user-friendly, medical diagnostic systems and devices for the home care, eHealth and telemedicine markets. The company provides a complete disease management package, including transtelephonic portable devices designed for a variety of remote diagnostic and monitoring applications; a hardware and software platform; plus phone and Web-based software.

Established in 1985, Aerotel has implemented its solutions in the USA, Europe, India, China, Australia, South America and many other countries worldwide. Frost & Sullivan has recently named Aerotel as "Company of the year" for the European telemedicine market. Aerotel products are CE marked and FDA cleared for marketing in the United States with the intention to be used by patients themselves. They are designed for simple use and are famous for their quality and reliability. More company news is available in the VMW August 2005 article Aerotel unveils Voice Receiving Module eliminating need for operator to receive transtelephonic ECG transmissions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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