Telbios selects Alcatel solution to deliver innovative residential telemedicine services

Paris 13 July 2006Alcatel has been awarded a contract by Telbios, an Italian provider of health care services, to provide an innovative solution to deliver video assistance and remote monitoring. Residential telemedicine services, currently under validation at the Istituto Scientifico Universitario San Raffaele, will be available to the public by the end of 2006.


This solution is based on Alcatel's Genesys contact centre platform, provided and installed by Alcatel, which combines call centre functionalities with the ability to manage video calls, including those from mobile terminals, enabling a wider number of institutions and hospitals to access these services, and assist their patients with an array of residential telemedicine services.

Telbios will add video assistance to its portfolio of telemedicine services, already offered by its telemedicine centre, with the TV as a preferred interaction tool between operators and patients. The new telemedicine service will be available on every broadband communication network - terrestrial, mobile and satellite - to allow every citizen to benefit, even in areas not covered by terrestrial broadband.

Besides video calls and videoconferences on mobile terminals, it will be possible to securely transmit electronic medical and life style related data over the network, and to receive interpretation and diagnosis information, sent by the medical staff of the Telemedicine Center, on the TV set at home. The solution will require the installation of a specific set-top box (STB) at the patient's premises, which will be connected to the TV, and a Web cam to enable video calls.

"Our objective is to facilitate the development of the best possible health care services; services designed and deployed to be easily accessed by everyone", stated Leopoldo Genovesi, CEO in Telbios. "Services meant for patients with chronic diseases, elderly people living alone; people that depend for their wellness and health on hospitals, enabling the care for people at their home, by positively contributing to a correct life style", stated Andrea Mason, CTO of Telbios. "We found in Alcatel a reliable partner to help us complete our mission."

"Alcatel's Genesys solution for Telbios will be first implemented in the framework of the IGEA Sat project, developed in co-operation with ESA and in partnership with Lombardy Region, Associazione Nazionale Sanitaria Piccole Isole - Small Islands Health National Association - and other companies, such as Kell, Telespazio, Telecom Italia Labs, Reallife TV, OPIS, Value Partners", commented Lina Colitta, in charge of the project for Telbios at Alcatel. "With the Genesys solution, IGEA Sta realizes the network of the networks, integrating a number of communication networks, with Telespazio ensuring the relevant role of satellites in delivering telemedicine services."

"The co-operation with Telbios will give Alcatel the opportunity to apply its unrivalled competencies in the telecommunication industry, derived from long term experience in the deployment of network solutions for every kind of company in every industry, included e-health", stated Andreas Schneider, Vice President of Sales and Service activities for Alcatel in Italy. "This is a complex project that, for sure, will utilize the benefits of the Genesys platform in managing interaction among patients and operators. It is a revolution in the residential assistance in terms of better services and resources optimization."

Telbios is Italy's leading provider of telemedicine services and networks in civil and military health care organisations, as well as in home-care assistance, proposing services and customer-oriented solutions. The company collaborates with its shareholders, all of whom are leaders in their respective business spheres: Scientific Institute University San Raffaele - health care, medical and biomedical research, teaching, Telespazio - satellite telecommunications, Telecom Italia - terrestrial telecommunications, and Value Partner - a management consulting firm.

Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises for delivery of voice, data and video applications to their customers or employees. Alcatel brings its leading position in fixed and mobile broadband networks, applications and services, to help its partners and customers build a user-centric broadband world. With sales of 13,1 billion euro and 58.000 employees in 2005, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries. More company news is available in the VMW February 2006 article Alcatel partners with Global Imaging Online for the development of digital medical imagery in Africa via broadband.

Leslie Versweyveld

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