Caligari announces a new version of truePlay, a free Web player for 3D content sharing and on-line collaboration

Mountain View 26 July 2006Caligari Corporation, an award-winning producer of 3D modelling and animation software, has made available an updated version of truePlay, Caligari's free Web player for sharing interactive 3D objects, scenes and worlds. Available the first week of August from Caligari's Web site and showcased for the first time at Siggraph, the new version of truePlay features a number of new enhancements.


The enhanced features include a new user-friendly default scene that allows users to easily load saved scenes, or go to the Web site to access scene templates or even quickly travel into truePlay's shared space, a photorealistic, simulated 3D space that enables users to interact, learn and work in real-time.

Enhanced navigation controls collide with solid objects, thereby allowing the user to experience realistic behaviours when moving into truePlay's simulated 3D space. This helps the user enjoy a true sense of physicality when moving into a virtual environment and avoid situations impossible in the real world, such as walking through walls.

Additionally, the enhanced navigation controls now give users the option to use the WASD keys, familiar to many gamers and 3D world participants, where the W key is for "walk forward", A is for "side step" left, S is for "walk backward", D is for "sidestep right".

truePlay is a free Web player for sharing interactive 3D objects, scenes and worlds. It enables users to interact, learn and work in a shared, real-time photorealistic 3D space that offers a much richer sense of presence than any 2D technology could provide. truePlay not only allows participants to open, enter and interact with 3D scenes that are sent to them via conventional means such as download or e-mail, but it also works on-line to allow multiple participants to join the same 3D space, so they can all meet, interact and collaborate in real-time.

truePlay can also be used in conjunction with trueSpace7, Caligari's flagship real-time collaborative 3D authoring technology, to allow participants to not only view and share information but also to create, manipulate and edit 3D objects in real-time within the shared virtual workspace. Applications span a wide range of markets, including design engineering, education, biomedicine, design and illustration, and games development. Available free-of-charge, truePlay can be easily installed by downloading it from Caligari's Web site.

Caligari Corporation was founded in 1986. Over the last 20 years, the company has led the market with major innovations in 3D authoring for interactive graphic design, product design and multimedia. Today, Caligari's mission is to develop collaborative 3D authoring technology that enables participants to work and learn on-line. The company's award-winning flagship product, trueSpace, is a 3D modelling and animation programme with a novel, direct manipulation interface. More company news is available in the VMW July 2006 article Caligari announces new truePlay promotion.

Leslie Versweyveld

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