INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center deploys the Safety-Sponge System technology across all operating rooms

Los Angeles 29 June 2006Patient Safety Technologies Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Surgicount Medical, has entered into a three-year agreement with INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City to provide the facility with its patented Safety-Sponge System. The company has received an initial purchase order from INTEGRIS, which is Oklahoma's largest not-for-profit health care organisation, for the 19 operating rooms at their flagship unit. Financial terms were not disclosed.


After a thorough evaluation at INTEGRIS since April, Baptist is the first hospital in Oklahoma to order the System and make it a standard of care in their hospital. The System is currently being evaluated by other prestigious hospital networks in California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri and Oklahoma which Surgicount hopes will soon lead to additional supply agreements.

"With more than 80.000 operating rooms and many millions of surgical procedures each year in the United States alone, we believe our Safety-Sponge System represents an outstanding long-term growth opportunity", stated Bill Adams, Chief Executive Officer of Surgicount Medical Inc.

"Our mission is to improve the health of the people and communities that we serve, and we always are looking for technologies to help us achieve this objective. Surgicount's Safety-Sponge System is an innovative tool that gives INTEGRIS a significant advantage for maintaining high safety standards for our patients during surgery, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of our surgical staff. Today's announcement reflects our dedication to make every effort to provide leading-edge health care services", stated Janet Lewis, INTEGRIS Baptist's Administrative Director of Surgical Services.

Surgicount Medical received FDA 510(k) clearance to market and sell its Safety-Sponge System in March 2006. The Safety-Sponge System is an integrated turn-key programme of thermally affixed, data matrix tagged surgical sponges, line-of-sight scanning technology, and documentation that offers surgeons and hospitals a solution to gossypiboma - the term for surgical sponges accidentally left inside a human body after surgery. Based on estimates and assumptions made by Patient Safety Technologies management, gossypiboma occurs in an estimated 3000 to 5000 surgical procedures each year in the United States alone, and liability settlements and other costs related to retained sponges amount to an estimated $500 million to $750 million annually. The Safety-Sponge System is the only computer-assisted system for counting sponges cleared by the FDA.

"This first contract is a milestone agreement for Surgicount and an important step in the implementation of our strategic plan to bring the Safety-Sponge System to market as the new standard of surgical care. It underscores our commitment to taking a leadership role in making the operating room safer for patients and more efficient for surgeons and surgical nurses by reducing or eliminating dangerous and costly sponge-counting errors. We are thrilled to be partnering with a leading health care organisation the caliber of INTEGRIS Health and look forward to working with them to raise the standard of patient protection and safety in their operating rooms", stated Bill Adams.

INTEGRIS Health owns, manages or leases hospitals, primary care clinics, mental health facilities, rehabilitation centres, fitness centres, hospice services, home health agencies and independent living centres throughout the state of Oklahoma. INTEGRIS Health is an Oklahoma-owned, not-for-profit corporation. Its mission is to improve the health of the people and the communities it serves.

Surgicount Medical's Safety-Sponge System works much like a grocery store check-out system. Every surgical sponge and towel is pre-labeled by the manufacturer with an individual and unique bar coded label, and a scanning counter is used to read and record the labels. No change is required in a hospital's established counting procedures: sponges are counted and recorded by the system at the beginning of the procedure and again as they are removed from the patient.

Patient Safety Technologies Inc. (PST) is a holding company that owns assets in various businesses. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Surgicount Medical Inc., is a developer and manufacturer of patient safety products and services.

Leslie Versweyveld

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