eNotes defines product strategy as company to enter telemedicine and health information services market

Los Angeles 11 July 2006eNotes Systems Inc. is planning to enter the multi-billion dollar telemedicine and health information services market. eNotes Systems is a software, business intelligence, and technology company, which anticipates delivering integrated medical management solutions to health care providers.


Kris Narayan, Chief Strategist and CTO, stated: "Our vision is to build a premier industry leading Software Platform targeting health care information services and the telemedicine industry. We plan to offer a fully integrated, easy to use, suite of medical management applications targeting health care providers, medical practitioners, and insurance companies. Our products and services will assist health care professionals in delivering and managing the clinical, operational and financial aspects of the medical industry, both on-line and off-line, through a versatile set of hardware platforms: PDA's, tablet, Notebook and Desktops PCs."

The company anticipates its Software suite will initially be comprised of:

  • eNotes, a Web-enabled patient chart system, which allows physicians to put everything that was once in a patient's chart into a well organized electronic file;
  • eChart, a stand-alone version of our eNotes software, a computerized enterprise-wide electronic health record system;
  • eArchive, an automated data storage and retrieval system offering physicians, hospitals, and health care providers timely access to their patient's clinical information; and
  • eBill, billing software to facilitate electronic transactions and automate billing.

"eNotes will be developing our Disease Management Data Repository (DMDR)", added Mr. Narayan. "Our DMDR solution will provide business intelligence and decision support intelligence, which will assist physicians in the management of specific disease states, disease symptoms, and corresponding treatment protocols from data collected at a local, regional, and national level. Physicians will also be able to proactively identify populations with, or at risk to chronic illnesses, while considering the total health status of a person by offering routine wellness, prevention, and treatment to avoid or to delay acute episodes of care."

The company intends to outline its product plans for telemedicine in the near future. Its products and services, the "eNotes Solution", will assist health care professionals in delivering and managing the clinical, operational, and financial aspects of their business, thereby increasing revenue, reducing cost, standardizing processes and improving the quality of patient outcomes.

Leslie Versweyveld

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