St. Mary's Regional Medical Center streamlines data back-up with ExaGrid

Westborough 15 August 2006Lewiston, Maine-based St. Mary's Regional Medical Center has selected ExaGrid to streamline and improve its data back-up. Seeking alternatives to its existing tape-based back-up system, St. Mary's selected ExaGrid to reduce its 13-hour nightly back-up window and to simplify its back-up process. Before installing ExaGrid, St. Mary's backed up nearly 500GB of data to multiple tape libraries, with key servers and Notes databases backed up to disk. With ExaGrid, St. Mary's is experiencing 50 to 1 data compression and has reduced its back-up window from over 13 hours to six.


St. Mary's Regional Medical Center serves Maine's Androscoggin County. Along with its 233-bed acute care facility, St. Mary's provides physician services and operates the state's largest nursing home, an independent living centre for the elderly and disabled, and satellite occupational health offices.

"Before ExaGrid, we were parsing out our back-ups over multiple servers and different storage devices across the network, just to get our nightly back-ups completed", stated Joe Longtin, senior network engineer for St. Mary's Regional Medical Center. "We really like the fact that our back-ups are now done on a single system, and we save a lot of time because we're not backing up the same data over and over again. We're only backing up the data that actually changes."

ExaGrid combines 2 to 1 data compression for the last back-up along with unique byte-level delta data reduction that reduces data from all previous back-ups by 20 to 1. ExaGrid's byte-level delta technology stores only deltas from back-up to back-up instead of storing full file copies, significantly reducing the amount of data stored, saving costly disk space and providing fast restores.

"Previously, we could hold only about a week's worth of data on disk", stated Joe Longtin. "Now, we're retaining a couple of month's worth of data. Also, restores have been very fast and very easy. We've got plenty of room for growth with ExaGrid. Should we need more storage space, we can just add more Repository Servers. It's a very simple process."

St. Mary's installed a second ExaGrid system off site to eliminate tape and for faster recovery in the event of a disaster. ExaGrid is extremely cost-effective as a second site because its byte-level delta technology only moves changes, requiring minimal WAN bandwidth.

"St. Mary's is a classic example of how ExaGrid's unique approach to data reduction significantly reduces existing back-up windows and disk space requirements", stated Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid Systems Inc. "ExaGrid's disk-based back-up solution is an extremely efficient way to eliminate cumbersome tape back-up systems, and that translates into serious savings both in terms of time and resources."

ExaGrid is a turnkey plug-and-play solution that sits behind existing back-up applications and enables faster and more reliable back-ups and restores. Customers report that back-up windows are reduced by 30 to 80 percent. ExaGrid's unique byte-level delta data reduction and last back-up compression, coupled with high quality SATA drives, is on average about 25-30 percent the price of standard drives without data reduction. This unique approach reduces the amount of disk space needed by at least 20 to 1.

Located in Westborough, Massachusetts, ExaGrid is specialized in Intelligent Disk-based Backup solutions. A scalable system that works with existing back-up applications, ExaGrid is ideal for mid-market and small enterprise companies looking to quickly eliminate the hassles of tape back-up while reducing their existing back-up windows. ExaGrid's innovative approach minimizes the amount of data to be stored by providing standard data compression for the most recent back-ups along with byte-level delta data reduction technology for all previous back-ups. Customers can deploy ExaGrid at a primary site and at a second site to supplement or eliminate off site tapes with a live data repository or for disaster recovery.

Leslie Versweyveld

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