Medical equipment services company to develop the next generation of RTLS-enabled hospital platforms

Mesa 14 August 2006RF Code Inc., a provider of Real-Time Location and Sensor (RTLS) solutions, has signed an agreement with SYMX Technologies Inc., a division of SYMX Corporation, a global provider of medical equipment services and products, to supply SYMX with health care RTLS solutions under a contract worth $30 million over the next three years.


Under this exclusive agreement, SYMX will enable broader utilization of RF Code's complete health care solution platform. SYMX will integrate RF Code's RTLS capabilities into its SYMX Solutions offering, thus, giving hospitals the ability to quickly and accurately track the exact location and status of vital devices, ranging from infusion pumps to expensive implantable products.

"We took a comprehensive look at various RFID technologies and asset management solutions and found that RF Code's capabilities were better in terms of granularity, resolution, and ease of deployment than any other offering in the space", stated Tim Callahan, president and COO of SYMX. "RF Code allows SYMX to offer the advanced capabilities required by the health care industry to track and integrate location and sensor data from medical equipment into existing systems in order to improve asset utilization and billing accuracy. RF Code and SYMX will help medical professionals focus on patient care and utilize assets more efficiently."

To accomplish this, SYMX will establish RF Code's active RFID technology as the platform into a broad range of medical and surgical equipment services. Through this approach, costly equipment and mission critical devices can be more effectively utilized and life-saving equipment can be found quickly. Health care professionals will have the management tools necessary to improve quality control and patient care while reducing costs by providing the systems needed to track and manage life-critical assets across the hospital.

"This agreement with SYMX represents the largest deployment within the health care RTLS space and one of the most comprehensive health care solution utilizations to date", stated Joe Dugan, president and CEO of RF Code. "By providing SYMX with a complete health care solution RF Code is helping transform the market with advanced RFID technology which improves patient care while at the same time helping hospitals reduce health care costs."

RF Code is the premier developer of Real-Time Location and Sensor Solutions. Founded in 1997, the company's hybrid RTLS platform and RFID asset tracking technology are used to precisely track the location and condition of valuable assets, inventory and personnel. RF Code and its certified partners develop solutions that are used around the world in demanding industry environments including health care, defense, manufacturing, entertainment, transportation, aerospace, information technology and homeland security.

SYMX delivers capital equipment management programmes for health care, incorporating project management, services, information and technology. The company's offering provides for cost-effective options in the management of medical equipment and service programmes. SYMX supports hospitals with a comprehensive approach to the life cycle management of equipment.

Leslie Versweyveld

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