Bedford Hospital NHS Trust improves patient care remotely

Bucks 10 August 2006Scalable Networks, the specialist integrator providing secure, converged network solutions, has completed a remote access solution that will accommodate up to 1500 staff at Bedford Hospital NHS Trust. Remote access has been rolled out to Trust employees, as well as third party contractors including pharmacists and radiologists. Standardising the communications process and enabling the transfer of critical patient files, such as X-Rays and scans, across hospital departments, will dramatically improve the patient care process and ensure a smoother, more efficient service.


Craig Pickard, Assistant Director of IT Operations at Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, stated: "We have a duty to provide the best possible care to patients, and seamless communications at each stage of treatment is essential. Information can now be shared more easily, allowing for immediate diagnosis, irrespective of where or when that diagnosis is required. This not only improves the overall patient experience, it also streamlines communications across the Trust, and opens a pool of on-demand resource."

"Radiologists, for example, are in high demand and are often contracted out to several hospitals. In order to maximise their time, they need to be able to work around the clock and have access to patient information immediately. Such flexibility is essential in attracting freelance medical professionals who work across the Trust", Craig Picard explained.

The thin client Netilla remote access solution provided by Scalable has also made it easier for IT staff to carry out essential maintenance. The speed at which these upgrades or repairs can be carried out is vital to the running of the hospital, particularly for those working in Accident and Emergency.

Craig Pickard continued: "All IT staff are on call 24/7, however, before Scalable deployed the remote access solution, any necessary work had to be conducted onsite, regardless of whether it was the middle of the night. Now maintenance can be carried out immediately from home and there's no need for our IT teams to even change out of their pyjamas."

The system is fully scalable and will be able to accommodate an increasing number of users that need access to the hospital's network. Since the deployment of remote connectivity, Bedford is striving for greater inclusion levels across the PCT in order to further strengthen the flow of communication and ensure patients receive "best fit" treatment, whether from their local GP, or specialist consultant.

Simon Brown, Director, Scalable Networks, commented: "Scalable prides itself on being able to deliver solutions to its health care customers that benefit both patient and employee. Remote access has provided Bedford with the immediacy needed to ensure operations run smoothly and the best possible treatment given to patients. Furthermore, the Netilla solution meets all the security requirements NHS bodies must adhere to and therefore continues to ensure maximum patient confidentiality."

Scalable is a specialist network integrator. The company refines emerging IP technologies, enabling its clients to exploit the advantages of early adoption without the associated risks. This process is called Perfecting Innovation. Scalable is expert in the related areas of IP infrastructures, convergence and security. This expertise is used to provide a range of consultancy, solutions and direct support services to medium-sized and large organisations. The company's client base includes B&Q, The Condé Nast Publications Ltd. and the Royal Society of Medicine, as well as a number of public sector bodies.

Leslie Versweyveld

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