eNotes Systems announces joint venture to provide world's first 100 percent secure and private network for health care and telemedicine

Los Angeles 12 September 2006eNotes Systems Inc. has signed a joint venture that will introduce to the health care industry the world's first 100 percent secure, private network, including seamless integration with existing enterprise LANs and WANs, that will allow for the safe transmission of critical medical data, as well as secure, real-time, interactive video consultations between health care professionals and doctors and patients.


eNotes' new joint venture partner is Jump Communications, a company formed by the principals of Advanced Telecommunications Technologies Inc. (ATTI), a communications technology development company whose renowned client list includes the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice, CNN, Newsweek, Cox Communications, RoseTel Systems, and the Association of California School Administrators, among many others. The announcement was made by Mr. Jeff Flammang, President and CEO of eNotes Systems, Inc.

This joint venture will enable the introduction of the world's foremost technology to the telemedicine sector and is characterized by its proprietary hardware-based video compression algorithms, the simultaneous delivery and receipt of video at a constant 30 frames per second - true television quality, a full colour palette, full audio/video-synch (lip-synch), and no perceptible latency. eNotes will offer a private network to clients that ensures absolute secured transmissions with a guarantee of all-time availability of private bandwidth.

The company will make available telediagnostics - compressing, encrypting, and then transmitting medical data, tests, etc. to another location for review by a medical practitioner - capabilities for quantitative image analysis for time sensitive, high resolution microscopic live images of 30 frames per second with full size, full quality image (no packet losses) viewing in real-time where medical specialists can manipulate a microscope at another location and view microscopic slides on monitors with no image degradation. The ability to view and diagnose in real-time will advance consultative communications, stimulate co-operation between clinicians and researchers in different institutions, promote medical education and training, and expedite the process of critical patient care.

"Jump Communications' best-of-breed technology will allow us to provide health care professionals and patients around the globe with a secure and private network that is destined to revolutionize the health care industry. Jump and ATTI's distinguished history includes successes in government, education, military, law enforcement, legal, and the security and surveillance industries, and we are excited to further introduce their technology in the health care sector", stated Mr. Flammang.

Fred Greenberg, Chairman of Jump Communications, commented: "We are excited about this new joint venture and believe our technology and private network will allow for the implementation of telemedicine to an extent not previously seen. The potential is endless."

eNotes will offer telemedicine products and services that enable clinical interaction among medical providers and their patients using state-of-the-art compression technology, which delivers broadcast quality, media-rich, real-time communications over a secure and private network, achieving the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings while delivering the speciality medical care required without the need to be in the same physical location.

Patients will be able to remain in the health care centre, where they are familiar and comfortable, and at the same time obtain the expertise of an off-site medical expert without the need to travel a considerable distance to a facility where those services are provided. Physicians will be able to examine patients as if the care were rendered in person. Examples include diagnosing sounds from the body's organs such as heart, lungs, and gastric system using a remote stethoscope or other device; looking at the skin; checking the eyes with an ophthalmoscope; and examining ears, nose and throat. Additionally, the transmission of x-rays and other radiological results will be transmitted pixel for pixel, delivering the uncompromised quality required by physicians. Physicians will also be able to store and forward consultations, procedures, and medical information for reference and learning.

eNotes Systems Inc. develops, markets, and sells telemedicine products and services that are designed to improve health care. The company will provide its services to major hospitals, medical facilities, and other health care-related centers initially throughout North America and ultimately worldwide. eNotes will facilitate e-health solutions by providing easy access to real-time multi-speciality collaboration, consultation, telediagnostic image transfer and analysis, electronic medical records, education, patient visits, and home health monitoring. More company news is available in the VMW August 2006 article eNotes defines product strategy as company to enter telemedicine and health information services market.

Leslie Versweyveld

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