eNotes Systems announces its inaugural telemedecine programme with LifeHouse Retirement Properties Inc.

Los Angeles 19 September 2006eNotes Systems Inc. will be launching its inaugural telemedicine beta test project with LifeHouse Retirement Properties (LHRP) Inc., the owner and operator of ten long-term health care facilities. Upon implementation, the eNotes platform will provide LHRP with the ability to simultaneously teleconference among the LHRP communities, medical providers, and residents, as if the consultations were taking place in person.


The eNotes platform provides the ability to communicate in complete privacy over a HIPAA compliant network that never touches the internet. The eNotes private telephone network will also provide the ability to instantaneously transfer medical files and radiological charts pixel for pixel between the medical providers and the on-site nurses at LHRP. In many instances, this will achieve the effectiveness of a face-to-face consultation without the need for the physician to leave his or her office while allowing the resident to remain in the comfort of the assisted living community. The eNotes platform will allow LHRP to save its residents' time and expense by reducing potential trips to medical providers, while enhancing medical care.

Physicians will also be able to store and forward consultations, procedures, and medical information for reference. The 100 percent secure transmission of medical information will eliminate "hacking" and misdirected transmissions, providing guaranteed reliability of transmission through redundant telephone switches throughout the United States. The superior technology of the eNotes platform operates by way of an easy to use plug and play system and provides simultaneous video/audio transmission with no perceptible delay in transmission.

This "real time", no latency feature of the eNotes platform allows for a body of consultative and diagnostic uses not previously available: radiologists may read and interpret x-rays on-line; pathologists may examine specimens at a distance; cardiologists may read electrocardiograms directly from a remote EKG machine; dermatologists may view skin lesions magnified at the area of interest, with the image transmitted to the dermatologist's location; and obstetricians may dial up the foetal monitor connected to a patient in delivery so as to monitor the rate of uterine contractions and the foetal heart rate.

In the case of community-based physicians, eNotes' telemedicine programme has the potential to keep more patients in the local community to obtain services. This presents an enhanced business opportunity for physicians in the local community, many of whom have experienced a drain of routine medical services to medical centres during the last decade. According to the Georgia College of Medicine, which has been a pioneer in telemedicine, up to 75 percent of follow-up care can be performed in the local community. eNotes will also be essential to enhancing clinical support for the regional health care provider, and in assisting in the involvement and participation of the specialist at the appropriate time.

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Leslie Versweyveld

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