BryanLGH Medical Center and Hilo Medical Center make evidence-based care decisions with Lab Advisor from Thomson Micromedex

Greenwood Village 06 September 2006BryanLGH Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Hilo Medical Center in Hilo, Hawaii, have implemented Lab Advisor, developed by Thomson Micromedex, to help their clinicians make faster, more accurate care decisions when ordering and interpreting laboratory tests.


Lab Advisor is an integrated component of the Micromedex Health and Disease Management Solution, and provides clinicians with a single source where they can access actionable evidence-based clinical knowledge to help them to make more accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment decisions at every point-of-the-care process. Lab Advisor is accessible from either the desktop computer or a PDA, and its "at-a-glance" navigation enables users to quickly link to drug, disease, laboratory and toxicology content, as well as medical management information.

Health and Disease Management Solutions from Micromedex help medical facilities reduce errors and trim costs associated with duplicate or unnecessary tests. These tools also help clinicians to save time and provide higher quality patient care.

Evidence-based medical knowledge is a critical part of the care regimen at Hilo Medical Center, the major health care provider on the Big Island of Hawaii. For more than a decade, clinicians at the 264-bed hospital have relied on unbiased clinical knowledge from Micromedex to enhance decisions, prevent adverse events and promote best practices.

According to Nelson Nako, Pharm.D., head pharmacy manager at Hilo Medical Center, Lab Advisor helps clinicians interpret lab values within the context of patients' conditions and ensures protocols are consistently followed. "Having fast access to broader knowledge resources that are designed to work within our work flow increases the likelihood of clinicians using the tool and of them providing more accurate diagnoses", he stated.

BryanLGH Medical Center, a not-for-profit health care organisation with two acute care facilities and several clinics, is a 20-year user of Micromedex evidence-based solutions. The institution has deployed Lab Advisor system-wide, giving its bedside clinicians - nurses, pharmacists, physicians and respiratory therapists - direct access to reliable reference tools that help them to quickly interpret complex tests and results to better manage care.

"Lab Advisor helps our clinicians to identify appropriate lab tests and more fully understand a lab value's meaning", explained Celia Weskamp, Pharm.D., drug information co-ordinator at BryanLGH Medical Center. "Lab Advisor provides a readily available resource that's quick and easy to use. Having concise, accurate information accessible to the clinician is essential to effectively managing the patient's condition."

Much of an average patient chart consists of lab test information, often times requiring considerable clinician involvement and costs. Lab Advisor helps physicians, nurses, pharmacists and lab personnel to research and select the most cost-effective lab tests, interpret the results and verify the next actions for treatment - at every step of the lab testing process.

"Our strategy is to provide clinicians with the best tools and evidence-based clinical knowledge available to help them make better decisions at the point of care", stated Jay Katzen, senior vice president of Marketing and Product Development at Thomson Micromedex. "Our Health and Disease Management Solution was developed using direct feedback from our customers, and reflects Thomson's commitment to partnering with medical centres to identify and solve the challenges they face, as well as to improve health care outcomes."

The Thomson Corporation, with 2005 revenues of approximately $8,40 billion, is a global expert in providing integrated information solutions to business and professional customers. Thomson provides value-added information, software tools and applications to more than 20 million users in the fields of law, tax, accounting, financial services, higher education, reference information, corporate e-learning and assessment, scientific research and health care. With operational headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, Thomson has approximately 40.500 employees and provides services in approximately 130 countries. Its Thomson Micromedex business is the premier global provider of integrated clinical knowledge solutions that are delivered to clinicians whenever and wherever needed. More company news is available in the VMW March 2006 article Thomson Micromedex and MercuryMD partner to improve patient outcomes by integrating clinical decision support into physicians' work flows.

Leslie Versweyveld

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