NeuroSentinel.COM improves physician supervision of surgical neurophysiology using iLinc Web Conferencing

Phoenix 03 October 2006NeuroSentinel.COM, a provider of management solutions for clinical neurophysiology, has deployed iLinc's Web Conferencing software to complement its secure telemedicine platform and other medical diagnostic data management solutions. NeuroSentinel.COM offers a HIPAA-compliant data centre for providers of diagnostic testing, supervising neurophysiologists, and interpreting physicians.


The company leverages high-technology to help health care professionals reduce patient risk of stroke and paralysis during surgery, detect critical changes in the intensive care unit, improve clinical diagnostic accuracy, and recommend optimal treatment options. Utilizing iLinc's application sharing technology, NeuroSentinel.COM, transmits real-time data between technologists in the operating room with patients and interpreting physicians located anywhere in the world.

Meyer L. Proler, M.D., a Neurophysiologist in Houston, Texas, stated: "The innovative usage of on-line remote support technology has represented a paradigm shift in clinical neurophysiology practices over the last few decades. Traditionally, doctors would need to travel in order to deliver such services, limiting the number of surgical cases they could monitor in a single workday. Using real-time support, supervising physicians have increased nationwide patient accessibility by simultaneously monitoring several cases without having to leave their offices. Using NeuroSentinel.COM with iLinc technology as my data portal has dramatically eased my daily clinical routine and allowed me to increase my overall productivity and volume of work."

Prior to implementing iLinc, NeuroSentinel.COM used many different remote applications. However, no other conferencing product allowed the site to host multiple Web meetings on a single computer with multiple display screens - a necessary element for doctors that need to supervise multiple cases at the same time. Only the iLinc software was able to fulfil their technical requirements for Web conferencing.

"The iLinc software serves as a critical link between doctors and technologists. Just as if they were all in the same room, remote supervising physicians and technical support specialists can assist technologists with neurophysiologic procedures on patients who are thousands of miles away. This cutting-edge application allows doctors to not only continue reducing the risk of nerve injury during surgery, but also takes the typical remote screen sharing to a higher level", described Craig Schweitzer, CNIM, Chief Operations Officer of NeuroSentinel.COM. "In addition to text chat and screen sharing, the technologist has the ability to instantly alert the remote supervising physician during potentially critical events and to rapidly communicate via video and voice-over-IP."

"We needed a powerful solution that would allow multiple supervising physicians to run multiple sessions with multiple health care facilities", stated Craig Schweitzer. "Immediately upon receiving live neurophysiologic data, the supervising neurophysiologist can rapidly respond to the technologist or communicate with the surgeon and anaesthesiologist via the iLinc Web conferencing session."

"Like many iLinc customers, NeuroSentinel.COM chose to switch to iLinc from another vendor because we offer broader capabilities, such as the ability to run multiple sessions on one computer", stated James M. Powers Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of iLinc Communications. "When organisations learn that they can increase the level of Web conferencing functionality while decreasing total cost of ownership, they're no longer motivated - functionally, financially, or otherwise - to stay with their current product."

iLinc Communications Inc. is a developer of Web conferencing software and audio (phone) conferencing services for highly secure and cost-effective collaborative meetings, presentations, and training sessions. The company enables customers to purchase and own iLinc Web conferencing software, which can be installed inside of a customer's network or hosted by iLinc. Its products and services include the iLinc Suite of Web Conferencing software - MeetingLinc, LearnLinc, ConferenceLinc, and SupportLinc; Audio Conferencing Services; On-Demand Conferencing; and EventPlus, a service for professionally managed on-line and audio conferencing events. iLinc's products and services are used by organisations worldwide in sales, HR and training, marketing, and customer support.

Leslie Versweyveld

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