Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative selects Wellogic to build Health Information Exchange Infrastructure

Cambridge 18 October 2006The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) has selected Wellogic as its technology vendor to build a health information exchange connecting three hospitals and more than 100 physician practices, as well as reference labs, imaging centres, pharmacies, and other health care service providers and trading partners. Development of this exchange utility marks the second phase of MAeHC's charter to bring together the state's major health care stakeholders for the purpose of establishing an interoperable electronic health record (EHR) system that will enhance the quality, efficiency and safety of care in Massachusetts.


The MAeHC was formed in 2004 with a $50 million commitment from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Three pilot communities were selected from a group of 35 applicants to study and demonstrate the effectiveness and practicality of implementing EHRs in community settings. The Wellogic exchange will connect all participants in the two largest of the three communities, Brockton and Newburyport. Physicians in the third community, North Adams, unanimously selected the EHR system of one vendor, making it unnecessary for an independent information exchange to be created. It is anticipated that the communities will become a model for health information exchange for the rest of the Commonwealth, as well as for the nation.

"We have been fortunate to receive funding from Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield, and have made significant early progress toward true communitywide EHR adoption", stated Micky Tripathi, President and CEO of MAeHC. "Because no one in the country has yet done this on a large-scale, communitywide basis in a way that gets all the members of the community involved, we expect that our efforts with Wellogic during this second phase will put forth a demonstrable model for other e-health initiatives across the country to follow."

The first phase of the MAeHC project involved selecting and implementing EHR applications for the physician practices in each community. With the implementation of these EHRs underway, the Wellogic infrastructure will increase the value of the EHR in each practice by ensuring that it contains a more comprehensive record of a patient's medical information, and that it gives providers in the community access to a unified patient record at the point of care.

"Wellogic is honoured to have been selected for this extremely significant initiative to provide timely access to comprehensive patient information on a scale that has not yet been achieved in our nation", stated Sumit Nagpal, President and CEO of Wellogic. "With this agreement, MAeHC has brought together the strategic vision, sponsorship, and proven technology infrastructure to improve patient safety, enhance operational efficiency, and help manage health care costs for the people of Massachusetts. For over a decade, Wellogic's technology has been valued because it not only allows for seamless clinical data integration from a myriad of sources, but because it truly makes the data meaningful within the context of routine patient care. We are excited to work with the tremendously dedicated and talented teams at MAeHC and in the communities to implement our shared vision for health care information interoperability."

The components of Wellogic's technology that will be used for the exchange include patient, provider and organisation registries; data, message, and transaction exchanges; a community data repository; the Wellogic Consult physician portal; and the Wellogic Rapport patient portal. Wellogic was selected from more than 15 applicants, including the industry's largest HIT vendors, for the HIE phase of the project.

"Wellogic won our confidence by demonstrating extensive experience connecting best-of-breed clinical information systems in highly complex environments such as ours", added Mr. Tripathi. "Even more important, they displayed a thorough understanding of the unique nature of clinical work flows within and between organisations, as well as the flexibility and dedication to employ technology to maximize adoption and value for health care professionals and patients alike."

The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative was formed in 2004 as an initiative of the physician community to bring together the state's major health care stakeholders for the purpose of establishing an EHR system that would enhance the quality, efficiency and safety of care in Massachusetts. The Collaborative is fortunate to have a $50 million commitment from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to fund its demonstration project phase. By pooling the resources, talent, and experience of its 34 member organisations and participating pilot communities, the Collaborative hopes to achieve a major leap forward in realizing its visions of better care for the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Wellogic provides clinical solutions for connecting the health care community. With more than a decade of experience providing interoperability solutions for health care, the company truly understands its complexity. Wellogic's award-winning Web-based connectivity solutions for physicians and caregivers, patients, health systems and RHIOs are consistently recognized as the most usable, flexible and scalable, and are used daily to deliver safer, more cost effective care. More company news is available in the VMW April 2003 article Wellogic Consult delivers EPRs and medical images for second opinion medical consultations for WorldCare.

Leslie Versweyveld

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