Informatics studentships available at Kingston University

Kingston-Upon-Thames 20 November 2006Kingston University is currently offering PhD studentships in a number of research projects in health computing and informatics subjects available immediately within the Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics.


Formal applications must be sent to the Research and Enterprise Officer. Several of these projects may offer enhanced studentships of GBP15.500 to particularly strong candidates.

The projects available this year are:

  • 4G-based Reconfigurable Mobile Healthcare Systems - This proposal will address the robustness and challenges of applying 4G mobile technologies especially reconfigurable radio systems - to mobile health care applications; specifically, to develop systems capable of configuring their protocols to adapt to different applications, radio channel conditions and wireless operational modalities.
  • Optimised 3.5G / 4G Wireless Video Streaming in Mobile Healthcare Environments - The proposal will address the major challenges involved in the quality of service of 3.5G and 4G wireless networks and the fragility issues for bandwidth demanding medical video streaming and medical imaging perspectives.
  • Capacity Planning within Healthcare Systems - This project with Dr. Foster Intelligence Ltd. will investigate the use of non-linear time series forecasting methods, in particular GARCH models and Markov switching models. It's aim is to predict spare capacity at the hospital level in order to schedule waiting lists more efficiently.
  • Study of Cancer Cell Behaviour using Grid Computing - The project aims to advance the understanding of the complex mechanisms involved in cancer invasion using large-scale cell datasets obtained through collaboration with Cancer Research UK.
  • Bio-Communication Theory for Genetically influenced Chronic Diseases - The aim of this project is firstly to express gene mutation as a digital communication problem (Bio-Communication model) and secondly to apply communication theory to detect Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms which are likely to predispose people to chronic diseases.

Full details on all these studentships, including contact details and how to apply, can be found on the Kingston University web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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