Ascension and Trig Medical to present new 3D Guidance tracking tool at RSNA

Burlington 01 November 2006Ascension Technology Corporation is exhibiting its newest 3D Guidance tracking technology with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner Trig Medical at the Radiological Society of North America's (RSNA) annual conference in Chicago, Illinois, November 26 - December 1. The new device is a pulsed-DC magnetic tracker, singularly designed for medical procedures. It offers multiple sensors and transmitter options that can be customized for given procedures.


Sensors, typically embedded in the distal tip of instruments - such as catheters - for localization, include a new flat transmitter plate that can be positioned beneath a patient to negate the distorting effects of ferrous metals in hospital beds and procedural tables. 3D Guidance is a medically compliant Class 1, Type CF, Defibrillator Proof device.

3D Guidance's breakthrough use in obstetrics is being demonstrated at RSNA with Trig Medical's LaborPro proprietary technology combining ultrasound imaging and software, to provide non-invasive monitoring of maternal labour.

Ascension's OEM partner, Trig Medical, is using miniaturized sensors and a metal-immune flat transmitter to enable a new, non-invasive monitoring system for maternal labour. The LaborPro provides foetal head station and position in a 3D display along with cervical dilatation during labour and delivery. The flat transmitter is placed beneath the mother on a birthing chair or table to negate metallic distortion of sensor measurements.

LaborPro has received CE Mark in Europe and is currently an investigational device, undergoing clinical testing in the USA.

Jack Scully, Ascension's Vice President for New Business Development noted: "3D Guidance will bring the benefits of non-radiating intra-body navigation to many image-guided procedures. Trig Medical's LaborPro System is the first of many new minimally invasive procedures that will soon reach the mainstream medical market. Ascension is committed to working with medical OEMs to integrate position sensors into a growing list of medical advancements."

Dr. Reuven Levinsky, Trig Medical's Medical Director, stated: "Ascension's new 3D Guidance technology enables us to significantly enhance the performance of LaborPro. The flat transmitter eliminates worry over distortion of critical measurements by metal and provides us with a high level of patient friendliness. The miniaturized sensors let us track the spatial position of the foetal head within the maternal pelvis with high accuracy and reliability. Two studies demonstrating LaborPro utilization in labour monitoring were recently presented at the World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ISUOG) held in London, September 2006."

Trig Medical Inc., headquartered in Nesher, Israel, develops innovative computerized systems for monitoring labour. Ascension Technology Corporation, based in Burlington, Vermont, USA, is a world expert in 3D tracking solutions for medical applications. For more information about Ascension trackers, you can visit the Ascension Web site or read the VMW November 2006 article Ascension to launch new 3D Guidance tracker at TCT 2006.

Leslie Versweyveld

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