Telemedicine company eNotes Systems changes name to Veridigm

Los Angeles 06 November 2006Telemedicine company eNotes Systems Inc. has changed its name to Veridigm Inc. The announcement was made by the company's President and CEO, Jeff Flammang. Veridigm is a telemedicine company connecting health care providers with patients remotely via "live" real-time two-way video, audio, and medical data communications. The company has applied for a new trading symbol and will be trading under its existing symbol until the new symbol has been assigned.


The name change from eNotes Systems follows recent company expansion announcements including the joint venture technology partnership with Jump Communications, the opening of Veridigm's New York Office, the appointment of health care industry insider Ruben King-Shaw, Jr. as head of the company's Advisory Board, and the company's inaugural telemedicine beta test project with LifeHouse Retirement Properties Inc.

"Our new name better reflects our core competencies", stated Mr. Flammang. "Veridigm means truth at a distance, and by removing the distance between doctor and patient with real time technology, that's exactly what we deliver." Veridigm's private telecommunications network and proprietary hardware based compression technologies deliver two-way simultaneous real-time "television" quality video, audio, and data without any perceptible delay. By offering full frame, full colour, 30 frames per second real-time video conferencing along with CD-quality audio and data, Veridigm's technology removes the physical boundaries between doctor and patient, making telemedicine encounters an interactive life-like experience.

Instead of using conventional multiplexed phone lines or the Internet for two-way video, audio and data exchange, Veridigm maintains its own high-speed telecommunications network through its joint venture partner, Jump Communications. This Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network is a bona fide "switched" telephone network as opposed to the "routed" IP network environment of the Internet. Because of this critical difference, point to point communications occur in real-time; connections are secure as there is no intermediary public routing system; and the data flows bi-directionally unrestricted by the constraints of conventional telephone company bandwidth requirements.

A telemedicine company based in Los Angeles, California, Veridigm enables doctors, health care providers, and patients in disparate locations to interact, exchange and display complex diagnostic audio/video, in real-time and in complete privacy. Helping eradicate the geographic and financial barriers keeping countless patients from receiving proper care from remote health specialists, Veridigm develops and markets its proprietary telemedicine products and services to major hospitals, medical facilities, and other health care-related centres throughout North America and eventually worldwide. More company news is available in the VMW October 2006 articles eNotes Systems announces joint venture to provide world's first 100 percent secure and private network for health care and telemedicine and eNotes Systems announces its inaugural telemedecine programme with LifeHouse Retirement Properties Inc.

Leslie Versweyveld

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