Global Med Technologies Inc.'s division, Wyndgate Technologies teams with Hospital Partners of America and Indiana Blood Center

Denver 28 November 2006Hospital Partners of America (HPA) is implementing Wyndgate's SafeTrace Tx transfusion management system at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Houston, Texas. St. Joseph's Medical Center is the second facility operated by HPA to implement Wyndgate's transfusion management system. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Meanwhile, Wyndgate Technologies continues to distinguish itself as a trusted partner to large donor centre clients and is partnering with Indiana Blood Center (IBC) for its SafeTrace donor management system.


HPA first licensed the SafeTrace Tx system for its Twelve Oaks Medical Center facility, which is also located in Houston. When St. Joseph's Medical Center learned that it would need to purchase a new blood bank system because its existing system was being discontinued, HPA licensed SafeTrace Tx based on the success and satisfaction with the system at Twelve Oaks Medical Center.

"SafeTrace Tx has been installed at Hospital Partners of America's Twelve Oaks Medical Center for over two years now and we have been very happy with its performance. SafeTrace Tx provides comprehensive management and tracking of patients and blood products, including many built-in safety features. Our past experience has proven that Wyndgate Technologies is a solid, reliable company and that SafeTrace Tx is a quality system", stated Cheryl Cook, Corporate Director of Application Services, Hospital Partners of America.

Ms. Cook continued: "We have been particularly impressed with Wyndgate's willingness to work with us given the short time-frame we have to replace our old blood bank system at St. Joseph's Medical Center. We have purchased extra services, and Wyndgate has been incredibly responsive and supportive. SafeTrace Tx will enhance the efficiency of the transfusion service at St. Joseph's Medical Center and help us to provide high quality services and blood products to our patients. All in all, we are happy to be working with Wyndgate on another project."

Wm. Scott Dustin, VP of Sales and Marketing at Wyndgate, commented on the St. Joseph's Medical Center implementation stating: "Hospital Partners of America and Wyndgate Technologies share a mutual commitment to providing high-quality, patient focused health care to the communities they serve. It is rewarding to have organisations such as HPA return to Wyndgate to meet their blood bank management needs. Their repeat business speaks to the quality of our products and services, and reinforces our position as a leading supplier of blood banking software."

Hospital Partners of America develops and operates hospitals throughout the country with a singular mission: to partner with leading physicians in order to redefine the way hospital care is delivered. HPA's approach of partnering with physicians empowers physician partners by enabling them to be involved in the development and operation of a hospital. This includes participating in the design of the facility, the selection of equipment, the selection of senior management of the hospital, and all other strategic and operational decisions. The result is a unique mix of quality health care, greater patient satisfaction and more efficient operations.

IBC is one of the nations largest independent blood banking institutes, collecting approximately 150.000 donations per year. Through these donations, IBC provides blood products to 48 hospitals throughout the state of Indiana supporting more than two million Indiana residents.

Wyndgate's SafeTrace system will assist IBC in accurately and efficiently managing the mass of information necessary to successfully run a large donor centre, including donor scheduling, blood product manufacturing and infectious disease testing as well as blood product inventory, shipping and billing. In addition, SafeTrace will enable IBC to continue meeting the highest standards in the industry, such as the ISBT 128 blood component labeling standard required to be implemented in 2008.

Byron B. Buhner, President of Indiana Blood Center, stated: "We are dependent on sophisticated information technology systems for enhancing our ability to work efficiently and to assure continued growth. We are pleased that Wyndgate's system will meet our needs now and in the future."

Thomas F. Marcinek, President of Wyndgate Technologies, commented: "Indiana Blood Center is vital in supporting hospitals and communities across the state. IBC recognizes this important role and its need for a robust system that can fulfil its current management needs as well as help it continue to rise to ever higher standards. IBC did not take its decision regarding a new blood management system lightly. IBC examined the entire market and took a considerable amount of time to seriously investigate its leading choices. In light of this thoroughness, Wyndgate is particularly proud to have been selected by IBC, which demonstrated the blood centre's confidence in SafeTrace being able to meet IBC's needs. Wyndgate expanded its customer base with clients of varying sizes this year, and it is extremely gratifying to see our products continue to meet the diverse needs of the blood industry."

Indiana Blood Center is a non-profit community service organisation licensed by the FDA and the Indiana State Department of Health, and accredited by AABB. Founded in 1952, IBC takes seriously its mission to "provide a continuous, safe and adequate supply of blood products and testing services, first to the people in our own communities, then wherever our blood products and testing services are needed." IBC relies on the generosity of its donors to supply more than 550 units of blood each day to 48 Indiana hospitals.

Global Med Technologies, Inc. is an international e-Health, medical information technology company, providing information management software products and services to the health care industry. Its Wyndgate Technologies division is a supplier of information management systems to United States and international blood centres and hospital transfusion centres. Each year, Wyndgate's products and services manage more than eight million blood components, representing over 27 percent of the United States blood supply. Wyndgate's products are being used in Canada and sub-Saharan Africa, and are being implemented in the Caribbean. Together, the SafeTrace Tx advanced transfusion management system and the SafeTrace donor management system provide Vein-to-Vein tracking from donor collection to patient transfusion. More company news can be found in the VMW May 2004 article Global Med Technologies prepares for first sub-Saharan African software installation.

Leslie Versweyveld

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