Cardiocom introduces GlucoCom blood glucose telemonitoring system to help diabetics improve glycemic control

Minneapolis 15 November 2006Cardiocom LLC, a telehealth disease management company, has launched its innovative GlucoCom Blood Glucose Monitoring Products and AutoLink Diabetes Telemonitoring System. Using advanced telehealth technology, blood glucose data is transmitted from the individual's GlucoCom Blood Glucose Monitor at home to the secure GlucoCom Diabetes Management web site. Diabetes patients can easily access custom reports that feature high and low alert limits, testing frequency and percent of normal readings by time of day. They can elect to share the information with their care providers.


"Multiple studies show that improving blood glucose control can impact the progression of diabetes complications and reduce health risks and costs", stated Edward Kramper, M.D., Cardiocom's Chief Medical Officer. "Patients will be more engaged when they have an easy-to-use tool that supports their care plan and helps them communicate better with their physicians."

The advanced GlucoCom blood glucose meter features small 0,7 microliter blood sample size, rapid 7 second test results, Alternative Site Testing and storage of up to 450 test results. The easy-to-use GlucoCom meter connects in seconds to AutoLink, a home telemonitoring device about the size of a checkbook. Data is transmitted automatically over a standard phone line to a web site where it can be viewed only with a secure user ID and password. GlucoCom integrates into existing diabetes disease management programmes for health plans, providers, home health agencies, pharmacies and durable medical equipment providers.

"The GlucoCom System expands Cardiocom's vision of providing high-quality, cost-effective telehealth products and integrated disease management solutions", stated Daniel L. Cosentino, Cardiocom's President. "The company has demonstrated that daily monitoring of vital signs and symptoms combined with our patient management protocols and expert clinical nurses provide a significant reduction in cost and improvement in quality of care."

Cardiocom is an expert in remote patient monitoring and disease management solutions. Founded in 1997, Cardiocom develops, manufactures and markets its own telehealth devices for congestive heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, COPD, Asthma, and ESRD. GlucoCom blood glucose monitoring was added to the Cardiocom product line in 2006. Cardiocom's clients include some of the most respected health plans, hospitals, home health groups and disease management vendors in the United States. Through these established relationships, Cardiocom improves the lives of thousands of people each day.

Leslie Versweyveld

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