Pharmaceutical industry combats drug counterfeiting with Acsis RFID solution

Marlton 01 December 2006Acsis Inc., an expert in connecting people, devices and supply chains, has launched its Serialized Track and Trace Solution which is gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical market. Leading drug manufacturers have turned to Acsis to help curb an alarming increase in drug counterfeiting that costs the industry approximately $2 billion a year.


High drug prices and easily available label technology have spawned a burgeoning counterfeit drug trade. Five to ten percent of prescription medications on the market today are counterfeit or diverted product, according to the World Health Organization. Consumers and legislators are demanding action to clamp down on this growing problem. Florida and California recently enacted legislation requiring electronic pedigrees to track the origin of prescription drugs. In the southeast, Wal-Mart is requiring its suppliers to apply RFID tags to all SKUs, including prescription and over-the-counter medications that pass through its 12 distribution centres in the southeast. And all medications sold to the military must be electronically tagged at all locations to verify the authenticity of the product.

"Government and the pharmaceutical industry are working together to combat drug counterfeiting and the utilization of new electronic tracking technologies for e-pedigree compliance is becoming the standard", stated Andre Pino, Chief Marketing Officer of Acsis Inc. "Some of the world's foremost pharmaceutical companies have found our automated Serialized Track and Trace solution to be an ideal and cost-effective way to help them meet this new industry requirement."

The Acsis Serialized Track and Trace Solution for Life Sciences is a Service Oriented Architecture-based platform that automates and streamlines the collection of e-pedigree data during manufacturing and packaging processes to lessen the incidence of drug counterfeiting. The Acsis solution enables automatic tagging and tracking of serialized products within operations, from receipt through manufacturing, inventory, picking, packaging and shipping - providing critical real-time visibility into item-level product movements, from the manufacturer to the distributor to the pharmacy and any third-party partners in between, helping stakeholders ensure the authenticity of each item produced and sold under their brand name.

Acsis ran live demonstrations of its Serialized Track and Trace Solution for Life Sciences at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and Healthcare Distribution Management Association RFID Health Care Industry Adoption Summit in Washington, D.C.

Acsis Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Marlton, New Jersey. Acsis is a global enterprise software and services provider that automates manufacturing and supply chain processes enabling higher throughput at lower costs. With implementations in 26 countries Acsis provides a single platform that connects people, devices, and supply chains, enabling adaptive manufacturing and supply chain operations. Acsis is an SAP Services Partner, SAP Technology Partner and charter member of SAP's Enterprise Services Community. Acsis also maintains partnerships with major service and hardware providers. Acsis is an EPCglobal member and early adopter of RFID technologies. Acsis is a partner company of Safeguard Scientifics Inc.

Leslie Versweyveld

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