eClinicalWorks to expand penetration in Indiana and Maine and to receive award from Frost and Sullivan

Westborough 12 December 2006eClinicalWorks, specialized in unified EMR/PM systems, has expanded its penetration in Southern Maine with InterMed, P.A., and PrimeCare selecting eClinicalWorks unified electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) solution to streamline practice operations from patient check-in to check-out. The combined 130-provider practices also chose eClinicalWorks Web-based Patient Portal. Indiana's Hendricks Regional Health Medical Group (HRHMG), the medical network associated with Hendricks Regional Health, has chosen the very same eClinicalWorks solution to streamline practice operations for its 20 locations. In addition, Frost & Sullivan has selected eClinicalWorks as the recipient of the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement in the North American ambulatory care provider market.


"InterMed provides multi-disciplinary medical services and insists that our patients receive high-quality health care", stated Dr. James Flaherty, chief medical officer of InterMed. "We worked closely with PrimeCare to find a solution to streamline our practice and make us more efficient. eClinicalWorks was chosen for its superior product that was simple to learn and well within our budget. Its business model also appealed to us because it showed it is a company we can trust to be around years in the future."

InterMed and PrimeCare worked jointly to select an EMR system and, after a diligent process, chose eClinicalWorks unified EMR/PM system and accompanying Patient Portal. This system will streamline internal processes between practice locations and promote patient safety while reducing costs. Advanced registry reporting functionality will aid the groups in analysing and reporting on management of chronic care, a component in pay-for-performance initiatives. The Patient Portal is a secure means for doctors and patients to communicate aspects of their care including appointments, lab results and statements.

"Improving quality of care and patient safety requires a systematic approach", stated Dr. Mike Albaum, medical director of PrimeCare. "Implementing an EMR system was the next logical step for our groups. After a lengthy evaluation process, we selected eClinicalWorks for its intuitive design and flexibility. eClinicalWorks will not only allow us to continue improving care to our patients, but will increase overall safety by enhancing communication between providers."

InterMed has 80 providers at 11 locations throughout Southern Maine, offering care across multiple specialities including internal medicine, paediatrics, OB-Gyn, dermatology, podiatry and cardiology. PrimeCare is a 50-provider multi-speciality practice with 11 locations. Its specialities include family practice, internal medicine, paediatrics, pulmonary, OB-Gyn, surgery, gastro-enterology, cardiology and neurology.

"eClinicalWorks provides a modern Web-based architecture and comprehensive functionality to manage patients from check-in to check-out", stated Girish Kumar Navani, president of eClinicalWorks. "The ease-of-use and high-scalability of our solution is helpful in our partnership with InterMed and PrimeCare as they build a strong regional community network with tight integration between hospitals and community physicians. This network will also permit local pay-for-performance initiatives, which aim to improve the value of health care by paying providers based on quality and cost measures."

eClinicalWorks' EMR solution enables InterMed and PrimeCare to manage patient flow, immediately access patient records in-house or remotely, electronically communicate with the referring physicians and securely send consult notes and clinical data. Users can easily access and review complete patient histories, past visits, current medications, allergies, labs and charts. Integrated with EMR is eClinicalWorks Practice Management, designed to instantly streamline the medical billing process.

In addition to improving patient care, the agreement with Indiana's Hendricks Regional Health Medical Group will position HRHMG to join the future Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) in Indiana. eClinicalWorks is also working with HRHMG to develop an interface with Meditech to streamline the process of sending and receiving lab work, and an interface with the hospital's PACS system for viewing radiological images.

"We are committed to providing the highest quality health care in a compassionate, technologically advanced and efficient environment", stated Dennis Barger, vice president in charge of HRHMG operations. "To that end, we sought an EMR/PM system that would increase the quality of patient care through enhancing network communication and operating more efficiently. eClinicalWorks was selected for its ease-of-use, intuitive nature and the system's flexibility. After a diligent investigation of several large, EMR/PM vendors and systems, our physicians showed a clear preference for eClinicalWorks."

HRHMG's medical network offers comprehensive care, specializing in internal medicine, family practice, paediatrics, neurology, orthopaedics and sports medicine, diabetes, ophthalmology, gastro-enterology, rheumatology, OB/Gyn and immediate care. The network offers locations in Danville, Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield and Lizton. By providing its health care providers with eClinicalWorks, HRHMG will be able to streamline internal processes between the health system's hospital and multiple satellite facilities, and promote patient safety while reducing costs.

Hendricks Regional Health will be part of a future state-wide RHIO, a regional collaboration between health care providers, in which patient information can be securely stored but is electronically accessible to those involved with providing care for patients within a community. Electronic medical records play a critical role in the formation of RHIOs as they bring patient information from paper charts to an electronic format that can be shared among qualified parties with patient consent.

"eClinicalWorks' modern Web-based architecture and flexibility with interfaces allows physicians to manage their entire practice as they see fit", stated Girish Kumar Navani. "Our EMR/PM's comprehensive functionality gives Hendricks Regional Health Medical Group a system that will help automate and optimize both clinical and financial processes. In addition, we will integrate eClinicalWorks with the Meditech hospital system to increase transparency with the lab and radiology processes."

eClinicalWorks has achieved considerable growth on the strength of its flexible delivery model and by meeting the demands of ambulatory medical care providers through its affordable, easy to use, front-to-back, patient-to-payer product suite.

eClinicalWorks' products are used by a broad spectrum of physicians including solo practitioners and large physician networks. Currently, more than 7500 physicians in 2200 practices across 50 states use eClinicalWorks in more than 40 specialities and subspecialities.

The company provides practitioners with integrated electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) software at affordable prices. It offers excellent prices on its EMR/PM software to the first client in a particular practice and provides significant discounts to every subsequent physician. eClinicalWorks' solutions do not involve additional cost per computer/user or FAX software and do not require practitioners to purchase a separate database license. On-site training is also provided for a minimal fee.

"Instead of a lengthy learning curve, eClinicalWorks promises to familiarize physicians and their staff with the basic features of eClinicialWorks' software within two weeks and be comfortable with the software within four weeks", stated Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Matt Guldin. "After three months, eClinicalWorks expects the benefits of the eClinicalWorks product suite to enable a practitioner to reduce staff time and reassign staff to more productive roles."

eClinicalWorks' new web-based Patient Portal helps physicians communicate electronically with their patients and curb their office administrative costs. This helps patients schedule an appointment on-line, refill a prescription, review important clinical information, and communicate with the physician via e-mail. These options also better capture patient and clinical information and further reduce administrative costs involved in sending mails regarding appointment reminders, referrals, and other information.

eClinicalWorks has greatly benefited from high rates of customer satisfaction among physicians, who have also sent a significant number of customer referrals to eClinicalWorks. "eClinicalWorks has gained the trust of end-users due to its knowledge and market experience", noted Matt Guldin. "A growing customer base and a strong customer referral is a testament to its affordable, robust, and easy-to-implement offerings."

Frost & Sullivan's Healthcare Information Technologies Ambulatory Care Providers Customer Value Enhancement Award is bestowed each year upon the company that has best demonstrated the ability to expand the customer base, while maintaining its existing install base, with more innovative value creation and enhancement strategies than competing vendors. This Award recognizes the company's successful sales entry, customer acquisition and service strategies, and the degree to which those strategies have met customers' stated needs and requirements.

eClinicalWorks is a privately-held expert in the unified electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PM) market. The company's EMR/PM solutions are proven for every market segment: large practice groups, including Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) and Electronic Health Records of Rhode Island (EHRRI), as well as medium, small and solo practices regardless of speciality. The company enjoys high profitability with a five-year compounded growth rate of more than 100 percent year-to-year. With an established customer base of more than 2200 customers across all 50 states, eClinicalWorks has been awarded multiple top industry honours including Best in KLAS in 2005 and 2004, a top solution by TEPR for four consecutive years and the 5-STAR rated EMR solution by AC Group for three years. Based in Westborough, Massachusetts, eClinicalWorks has additional offices in Alpharetta, Georgia. More company news is available in the VMW August 2005 article Zix Corporation and eClinicalWorks form strategic alliance to provide interoperability for clinical information and e-prescribing systems.

Leslie Versweyveld

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