Surgeons start on-line competition in endoscopic procedures

The Hague 13 December 2006Surgeons in training can use an on-line programme to find out who performs best in endoscopic procedures. Usually, surgeons practise by means of simulators but now they can measure their skills on-line against the results of their colleagues, according to the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Surgeons at the Erasmus Medical Center and the Reinier de Graaf Group have set up a competition. Assistent-surgeons of different hospitals specialized in medical education and equipped with a "virtual reality simulator" are invited to participate.

A computer keeps the score of all participants. The results are stored in a central data base. The competition will take until 15 February 2007.

When performing endoscopic procedures, the surgeon inserts instruments and a minicamera inside the patient's body without cutting. The surgeon is able to follow his/her every movement on a monitor. According to the Erasmus Medical Center, the technology is very adequate for training with virtual reality simulation. The simulator has been co-developed with the Technical University of Delft. For the first time, surgeons are able to measure themselves with one another in such a way.

This article has been translated and reprinted from the Automatisering Gids.

Leslie Versweyveld

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