SmartTOUCH Medical introduces SmartSTIK-MD finger activated portable electronic medical record

Jericho 04 December 2006smartTOUCH Medical Inc., a subsidiary of bioMETRX Inc., is near completion of a revolutionary portable medical records device called smartSTIK-MD. smartSTIK-MD is a portable electronic medical records security device that allows patients to securely store and share physician generated medical records with other health professionals.


The smartSTIK-MD, developed by bioMETRX, addresses the growing concern over unauthorized digital records access in the medical industry. smartSTIK- MD specifically addresses concerns over confidentiality of and access to medical records and how to securely transmit this sensitive data between health care professionals. With portable plug-and-play storage and a variety of pre-bundled medical applications, smartSTIK-MD easily and securely allows patients to carry their personal or family members medical records with them on the go.

smartSTIK-MD is designed to accept medical information, including lab results, x-rays, physician's notes, prescription histories, testing results, and just about any medical data that pertains to a patient's health, directly from a doctor's computer. The information on the device can then be downloaded directly to another health care professional's computer. However, you must first swipe your finger on smartSTIK-MD before those records can be loaded or transferred. The requirement of a fingerscan assures both the patient and doctor, that the patient is authorizing access to a health record, and complies with the mandates of the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA). The device is currently in its testing phase, and the company expects to release it in 2007.

"The smartSTIK-MD directly addresses the issues facing the portability and security of electronic medical records by allowing the patient to maintain a secure and mobile file that can be shared only upon patient authorization", noted Mark Basile, CEO of bioMETRX Inc. Mr. Basile is a co-founder of the eHEALTH Initiative, the largest trade association started in 2000 dedicated to the support, integration and acceptance of digital health. He is also the 1998 Smithsonian Award winner for Advances in Medical Technology and was granted patent protection on the use of biometrics for security, portability and retrieval of electronic medical records in 2000.

smartTOUCH Medical Inc. also announced that the smartCART Partner Plus II finger activated rolling medicine cart is making its public debut at the 41st ASHP Clinical Meeting and Exhibition in Anaheim, California. The smartCART is designed with finger activated access technology so only authorized personnel can dispense controlled substances, syringes, and other controlled medical items.

The smartSTIK series of products are engineered around the specific needs of various markets. Teachers are concerned over securing tests and Lawyers and Accountants are required to maintain the confidentiality of their client's matters. bioMETRX offers several versions of smartSTIK to address these issues.

The parent company of smartTOUCH Medical Inc., bioMETRX Inc., is specialized in developing embedded biometric products for both the consumer and commercial markets. bioMETRX maintains a leadership role in the field of biometrics by consistently proving that its technology and intuitive interface can be seamlessly adopted by and applied to many different products spanning both consumer and commercial markets.

bioMETRX Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiaries, designs, develops and markets biometrics-based products to the consumer, health information, medical devices and small business markets under the common brand name - smartTOUCH. bioMETRX Technologies Inc. designs and engineers biometrics-based products for the home security, consumer electronics, medical products and patient medical information markets; smartTOUCH Consumer Products Inc. tests and markets the company's biometrically secured garage door openers, thermostats, deadbolts and home alarm keypads and, smartTOUCH Medical Inc. designs, tests and markets biometrically secured medical crash carts, rolling medicine carts, portable biometric patient medical information devices. bioMETRX Inc.'s entire product line is branded under the trade name "smartTOUCH".

Leslie Versweyveld

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