Cardiocom introduces Commander Cellular telehealth device and receives three Consumer Health World Awards for its AutoLink telemonitoring and GlucoCom blood glucose monitoring system

Minneapolis 18 January 2007Cardiocom LLC has released its new Commander Cellular home monitoring device for individuals with chronic high risk diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe asthma. Commander Cellular is an enhancement to Cardiocom's FDA-registered Class II Commander home telemonitoring system, which has been in use since 2002 and has received the Disease Management Association of America's "Best Enabling Tool for Disease Management" Award. In addition, Cardiocom Multi-Disease Management is the recipient of three Consumer Health World Awards for excellence and advancement in products, service and programmes that enhance health care quality. Cardiocom was distinguished with two first place awards for "Best Monitoring Device/Service for Patients/Consumers" and "Best Initiative for Disease Management and Wellness".


"The immediate, pre-emptive and objective feedback provided by Cardiocom's telehealth system helps avoid hospital admissions and improve quality of life", stated Daniel L. Cosentino, Cardiocom's President. "Commander Cellular makes this solution available to an even larger patient population with chronic diseases needing health care assistance."

Commander Cellular includes an integrated cellular modem and uses GPRS technology to transmit objective health data to Cardicom's Omnivisor disease management software system. This detailed patient data can be accessed daily by nurses who are monitoring the patient's health status. The powerful software is designed using evidence based medicine and clinical guidelines to support disease management assessment and interventions.

By transmitting real-time health data every day, the patient is connected to their medical team so that their medications or treatment plans can be changed as needed. Monitoring daily vital signs and symptoms also allows the nurse to identify opportunities to co-ordinate care, educate the patient on their disease, improve self-management skills and promote healthier behaviour.

The interactive Commander or Commander Cellular device resides in the patient's home. The device can be set up by the patient or their caregiver in minutes without the need for a nurse visit. The patient easily connects peripheral equipment such as a weight scale, blood pressure cuff, blood glucose meter, peak flow meter or pulse oximeter, which measure biometric data. When the system is turned on a friendly voice prompts the patient to respond to health status questions and transmit vital sign data.

Commander and Commander Cellular are patented home telemonitoring devices featuring a library of health status questions, branching logic, and two-way communication. Cardiocom's advanced technology and flexible design improves patient engagement and provides clinical efficiency for the medical management team.

With the addition of Commander Cellular, Cardiocom continues to expand its line of telehealth solutions for health professionals, health plans, home health agencies, hospitals and disease management companies.

The Consumer Health World Awards recognize the company's accomplishments for its innovative new AutoLink Diabetes Telemonitoring System and GlucoCom Blood Glucose Monitoring products to assist individuals with diabetes in achieving improved glycemic control and reducing health risks. A second place award was also given to Cardiocom for "Best Health Plan Technology for Employer/Providers".

The Awards acknowledge the important role that the new AutoLink and GlucoCom diabetes products play in assisting health plan or employer disease management programmes to monitor blood glucose levels in order to educate the programme participant in improved diabetes self-management skills and/or to provide information to the health care team. Providing trended real-time blood glucose data allows the health care team to adjust medications and care plans. These interventions can help to improve glycemic control and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

Consumer Health World, the United States' number 1 business-to-business conference on consumer health, is held periodically each year and represents the convergence of consumer-centric health, wellness and prevention with innovation and technology.

Cardiocom is specialized in telemonitoring and disease management solutions. Founded in 1997, Cardiocom develops, manufactures and markets its own telehealth devices for congestive heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, COPD, Asthma, and ESRD. GlucoCom blood glucose monitoring was added to the Cardiocom product line in early 2006. Cardiocom's clients include some of the most respected health plans, hospital systems, home health groups and disease management vendors in the United States. Through these established relationships, Cardiocom improves the lives of thousands of people each day. More company news is available in the VMW December 2006 article Cardiocom introduces GlucoCom blood glucose telemonitoring system to help diabetics improve glycemic control.

Leslie Versweyveld

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