EP MedSystems and Philips launch new ultrasound platform for imaging cath lab procedures

West Berlin 11 January 2007EP MedSystems and Royal Philips Electronics have introduced the new ViewMate II ultrasound system based on Philips Medical Systems' HD11 XE platform for use with EPMD's ViewFlex intracardiac (ICE) imaging catheters. As part of this joint development and distribution agreement, Philips will also offer an ICE option to its customers on the HD11 XE ultrasound system. The new system offers health care providers high performance ultrasound imaging modes, simplicity of operation, and a price point that allows easy adoption and expansion of ICE imaging in both advanced electrophysiology (EP) and interventional cath (IC) lab procedures.


The ViewMate II system will be distributed by EP MedSystems through its dedicated sales and clinical education staff to cardiac cath and EP lab customers in the United States. Philips will offer the ICE option for echocardiography customers who desire ICE capabilities. A single model of ViewFlex catheter operates with both systems allowing each company to meet the growing demand for better visualization of intracardiac anatomy during complex intracardiac procedures in their targeted customer base.

David Bruce, EP MedSystems' president and CEO, stated: "Combining Philips' exceptional ultrasound imaging capabilities with EP MedSystems' focus on EP and interventional catheter procedures has produced a unique offering: high performance ICE imaging for intracardiac procedures that also addresses the strong cost containment pressures in cardiac care."

The HD11 XE Platform provides excellent imaging resolution to visualize intracardiac anatomy and devices, plus sensitive colour flow and Doppler to assess cardiac physiologic performance. Its intuitive user interface makes it easier for the cath lab staff to learn the system - an important feature when introducing ICE imaging into the cath lab. Transesophageal imaging (TEE), intra-operative capabilities and stress echo can also be added to the system.

ICE imaging has been shown to reduce procedure time and x-Ray exposure in procedures such as transseptal catheterization, complex arrhythmia ablation and guidance of septal defect closures. Additionally clinicians should find this ICE system a useful tool in cardiac synchrony assessment and therapy, and for emerging transcatheter cardiac valve treatments.

"This collaboration of technologies from the leaders in cardiac ultrasound and EP products has the potential to broaden the services a hospital can offer patients and increase the value of their investment in their ultrasound system", stated Barbara Franciose, CEO, ultrasound and monitoring for Philips Medical Systems.

The ViewFlex catheter offers bi-directional steering and easy one-handed operation. The transducer tip features a 64-element linear phased array that provides excellent image quality capable of resolving most detailed cardiac anatomic structure and treatment devices. The transducer's range of frequencies allows both high resolution and penetration to imaging depths desired in advanced procedures such as ablation treatment of atrial fibrillation, where accurate visualization of the entire left atrial and pulmonary vein anatomy is desired.

EP MedSystems develops and markets cardiac electrophysiology products used in visualizing, diagnosing and treating certain cardiac rhythm disorders. The company's EP product line includes the EP-WorkMate Electrophysiology Workstation, the MapMate Navigation Interface, the NurseMate Remote Review Charting Station, the EP-4 Computerized Cardiac Stimulator, fixed and deflectable diagnostic electrophysiology catheters and related disposable supplies, and the ViewMate intracardiac ultrasound catheter imaging system.

Royal Philips Electronics of The Netherlands is a global expert in health care, lifestyle and technology, delivering products, services and solutions through the brand promise of "sense and simplicity". Headquartered in The Netherlands, Philips employs approximately 126.000 employees in more than 60 countries worldwide. With sales of $37,7 billion (30,4 billion euro) in 2005, the company is specialized in medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems, energy efficient lighting solutions, personal care and home appliances, as well as consumer electronics. More company news is available in the VMW December 2006 article Philips delivers new radiology products that present clinicians with a clear view of patient data and a clear path to patient care.

Leslie Versweyveld

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