Eli Lilly extends co-operation with Optimata, developer of Virtual Patient Technology

Ramat Gan 09 January 2007Optimata Ltd. has signed a new and expanded collaboration agreement with Eli Lilly & Co. The new collaboration follows the successful completion of a pilot collaboration project with Eli Lilly and involves targeting additional drug candidates. Financial details of the collaboration were not disclosed. The pilot project utilized Optimata's proprietary Virtual Patient Technology and assisted in the clinical trial design of a novel anti-cancer cytotoxic compound.


In the course of the collaboration Optimata used its proprietary virtual cancer patient technology (OVP) to evaluate pre-clinical data provided by Eli Lilly. Working hand-in-hand with Eli Lilly's staff, Optimata suggested ways of optimizing the clinical drug development programme through in-silico simulation of the expected response in humans.

"Following the success of our initial collaboration with Eli Lilly, we are very excited to be able to deploy our Virtual Patient Technology in other Eli Lilly drug development programmes", stated Guy Malchi, CEO of Optimata.

Optimata's Virtual Patient Technology uses mathematically-based models to accurately predict how individual patients or patient populations will respond to a compound. The technology is implemented through computer software and combines models of human physiology, specific diseases and the therapeutic impact of a compound. The technology forecasts the results of putative pre-clinical and clinical experiments at an unprecedented scale, allowing an unlimited number of "virtual trials" to be carried out on a wide range of dosages, treatment schedules and patient population characteristics.

The collaboration with Eli Lilly draws upon Optimata's comprehensive experience in physiological and disease modelling expertise which enables an accurate portrayal of the dynamics of disease processes and detailed predictions of drug effects. The pilot collaboration demonstrated how Optimata's Virtual Patient Technology can aid in shortening clinical development time and provide guidance for focused clinical trials.

Optimata Ltd. is a science-based, interdisciplinary company, dedicated to the development of predictive biosimulation technologies - Virtual Patient Engines. Optimata offers a rational approach for the selection of patient populations and the optimization of drug scheduling and dosage. More company news is available in the VMW March 2005 article Optimata's virtual clones to predict therapy outcome for breast cancer.

Leslie Versweyveld

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