Axolotl releases Elysium EdgeServer for hospitals and reference labs

Mountain View 16 January 2007Responding to overwhelming demand for clinical connectivity, Axolotl Corporation has released version 2.1 of its Elysium EdgeServer which can be deployed separately from its related Elysium infrastructure. The EdgeServer is a non-intrusive, independent yet fully integrated application that links hospital and lab information systems to the ambulatory care community. In addition, Greater Rochester RHIO has selected Axolotl for health information exchange solutions and services.


"The new Elysium EdgeServer demonstrates that the Markle Foundation's Common Framework and federated model is a viable, cost-effective and achievable strategy", shared Ray Scott, CEO of Axolotl. "Nearly a decade of Axolotl engineering experience in pioneering HIEs has culminated in an elegant solution to this complex problem. A virtual community-wide health record is made available using federated data repositories. The EdgeServer sits on the edge of hospital networks enabling rapid deployment of information exchange services at a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions."

Axolotl's Elysium EdgeServer technology provides:

  • Rapid installation and easy operation - Up and running in days, Elysium EdgeServer easily integrates with legacy systems.
  • Push and pull information exchange - The EdgeServer technology includes both delivery (push) and query (pull) modes of information exchange, providing flexibility for the deploying institution to distribute clinical information electronically as well as providing a repository of entity data that can intelligently respond to outside queries.
  • Immediate and seamless connections to ambulatory EMR applications - Physicians are choosing from a growing market of ambulatory EMRs and are demanding that hospitals and labs provide patient data for integration into these systems. The EdgeServer's Clinical Messaging service pushes results and reports to all commercially available ambulatory EMRs reducing integration work to a minimum.
  • Preserves and enhances current investment in legacy systems - The EdgeServer sits alongside existing HIS, CIS, Inpatient EMRs and Gateway infrastructures, responding to queries from outside the hospital network, and protecting mission critical hospital and clinical information systems from potentially damaging performance hits. Its HL7 data mapping, translation and codification services relieve institutions from concerns that legacy systems can meet new information exchange standards.
  • Federated model enables participation in regional, state, and national information exchange initiatives - Elysium EdgeServer used the model of federated data storage recommended by the Markle foundation for HIE. Patient data is not commingled. Health care entities retain complete control over the patient information that is released in response to queries from the community network, and wider, re-assuring privacy officers while enabling virtual views of patients' health records for community physicians.

This new release of the Elysium EdgeServer is fully operational at two independent hospitals in the Quality Health Network RHIO in Grand Junction, Colorado. The Elysium EdgeServer can be licensed for internal use or is available in ASP mode, with full support and maintenance. Axolotl is already working on medication history and other clinical services which will be made available in a future release.

"The level of interest from HIS vendors is very high", stated Sam Godwin, vice president of channel sales at Axolotl. "We are in discussions to OEM this technology - enhancing their already successful product lines."

Greater Rochester Regional Health Information Organization (gRrhio), in New York, has selected Axolotl's e2 technology and professional services to realize their vision of a federated, patient-centric health information exchange. Using Axolotl's integrated Record Locator Service (RLS) and its community-wide Master Patient Index (MPI), providers throughout the community will have the ability to access medication history, laboratory reports, and radiology reports/eImaging via a secure web portal.

Physicians in gRrhio's service area will also use Axolotl's integrated e-prescribing solution and secure clinical messaging to receive patient data from multiple hospitals, reference laboratories, and imaging centres. Data will be delivered to physicians in a way that aligns with their needs and fits with their current work flow - directly to EMRs, to Axolotl's Elysium EMR or by fax. gRrhio, a HEAL NY funding recipient, covers a region of 9 counties, serving 1,2 million people.

A key factor in the selection process was Axolotl's federated data storage. The federated approach for a community electronic health record enables RHIO stakeholders to maintain complete control over the patient data made available to the health information exchange, while enabling secure, virtual views of patients' health records across the community.

Implementation will begin immediately, with several hospitals, labs, health plans and EMRs exchanging data within six months. Axolotl's professional services team will work closely with a team from gRrhio on the phased plan which will be complete by mid 2008.

"After an extensive vendor evaluation, Axolotl's solutions were the unanimous choice amongst a diverse group of health care providers", stated Ted Kremer, MPH, executive director of the Greater Rochester RHIO. "Axolotl's architectural approach and functionality along with a track record of experience and appreciation for the dynamics around a regional health information exchange were compelling. These findings, combined with Axolotl's engaged and collaborative working style were instrumental in our final selection."

Ted Kremer continued: "Axolotl clearly understands the issues around physician adoption, how to deliver rich functionality without too much complexity, while providing the flexibility necessary to support the work flows that occur in various health care settings."

"Axolotl is delighted to partner with gRrhio", stated Ray Scott, CEO of Axolotl. "The gRrhio stakeholders have demonstrated a strong desire to improve the quality of health care in their region through collaboration. With Axolotl's proven technology and expertise in connecting communities we are confident we will turn their vision into reality."

The Greater Rochester RHIO is a collaborative, community effort involving health care providers, payers, hospitals, public health and the business community in an effort to improve patient health outcomes while promoting health system efficiencies. Having researched the value propositions inherent in a more patient-centric view of health information, one that spans institutions and organisational barriers, the Greater Rochester RHIO is moving forward as part of New York State's effort to create an improved health systems infrastructure.

Axolotl provides advanced Web-based products and services that automate health information exchange and management between HIM departments, hospitals, clinics, labs, and physician offices. By connecting the health care community, its e2 technology increases efficiency, cuts the cost of information exchange, and improves the quality of care. Thousands of health care professionals nationwide are using Axolotl for electronic health record creation, health information access, exchange, and management, and transcription services.

Leslie Versweyveld

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