SIGKDD Explorations special issue on Data Mining for Health Informatics issues Call for Papers

Burnaby 20 January 2007In a special issue of SIGKDD Explorations, guest editors Raymond Ng from the University of British Columbia, Canada and Jian Pei from the Simon Fraser University, Canada solicit papers on health informatics research which requires mining of large amounts of data - clinical, DNA copy number, gene expression, protein expression and/or metabolonomics data. Deadline for submissions is March 30, 2007.


Unlike in bioinformatics where the focus is on the biology within a cell in living organisms, the focus of health informatics is on human tissues, organs and specific medical conditions. It is concerned with patients' medical records and clinical data. Moreoever, one of the key directions of medical research for the next decade is personalized medicine. This is partly made feasible by recent advances of high throughput biotechnologies, such as comparative genome hybridization arrays, micro-arrays and mass spectrometry for proteomics and metabolomics.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of possible topics for the SIGKDD special issue:

  • feature selection for biomarker identification
  • cross-platform combinatorial mining of genomics features
  • mining transcription factor binding sites
  • prediction models of tumour/disease development
  • correlation mining of clinic data and genomic data
  • mining proteomics and/or metabolomics data
  • data mining for personalized medicine
  • modelling signalling networks
  • temporal and spatial mining of clinic data including medical images

Each paper must dedicate a significant portion of the paper - e.g., no less than 25 percent - describing the health problem being studied. And in light of the 2003 SIGKDD Explorations special issue on micro-array data mining, papers which focus solely on micro-array data should include new developments since 2003.

The special issue will appear June 1, 2007.

Submissions should be made via e-mail to the co-guest editors: Dr. Raymond Ng and Dr. Jian Pei.

Leslie Versweyveld

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