New on-line company making telemedicine more accessible to patients and health care providers

Davie 02 February 2007Both the amount of total patient care needs in the United States and the cost of health insurance are on the rise. As a result, there are a growing number of opportunities for new advances in telemedicine to make treatment more efficient and affordable. A new on-line company, Altech Diagnostics Inc., has recently launched to provide the products and services that medical providers and patients need to keep up with the increasing pace of health care.


With the Baby Boomer generation coming into retirement, the ratio of doctors to patients in the United States is worsening. The widening gap is taking its toll on insurance costs and the available time of physicians to attend to their patients. Fortunately, technology is advancing at an even faster pace, constantly providing new avenues for patients to administer a portion of their own care and creating more efficient ways for doctors and patients to communicate.

In response to this new opportunity, Altech Diagnostics Inc. has just launched its website in order to supply patients and health care providers with the most cutting-edge products and services. The company's goal is to maximize the potential of telemedicine and home health care, which will ease patient medical expenses and help physicians become more efficient.

"Altech Diagnostics was founded to create a positive change", explained Paula Twitty, President of Altech Diagnostics Inc. "We're focused on researching the manufacturers that are developing systems that enable health care professionals to expand their medical knowledge, improve their diagnostic skills and advance their levels of clinical performance."

The time-saving featured products on include Spirotel, a revolutionary electronic device that can be customized to individual patient needs. When used by patients in the home, Spirotel can measure pulse oximetry readings and lung functionality. The unit can also be programmed to ask the patient a series of questions regarding symptoms or medication. Once the data has been collected, a patient can use the Spirotel to transmit the pulse oximetry readings and other information directly to their physician via telephone. The Spirotel System automatically identifies patients in need of emergency care or treatment, allowing for improved response time.

Also featured on the website are infrared therapy devices that make use of powerful visible red and near-infrared lights to alleviate pain from injuries and operations and to promote wound healing. Infrared therapy technology has also been shown to improve circulation, sleeping problems, inflammation and stiff joints. Additionally, the QRS Belt is now available. This reusable ECG Belt is a first in the industry and has built-in electrodes. These not only save lives, but also save money, due to the fact that there is no need for disposable electrodes.

Altech Diagnostic Inc. carries a variety of first aid products, including carbon masks and hemostatic gauze, which halts bleeding upon contact with a wound. The site also features a line of topical solutions containing the natural amino acid L-Arginine that are designed not to conflict with medical conditions or other medicines. The collection of solutions covers a wide range of uses that includes promoting hair growth, soothing foot pain and enhancing sexual sensation.

Altech Diagnostics Inc. was founded to create a consistently positive change in a health care community that is constantly in flux. Altech Diagnostics Inc. is committed to researching and providing, at affordable prices, the products that allow health care providers to enhance their knowledge, diagnostic ability and clinical performance. The company also provides the same quality of products to patients and home health care users who wish to take greater control of their own care.

Leslie Versweyveld

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