Wayport to distribute PanGo's asset tracking solution for health care providers

Austin 27 February 2007Wayport Inc., an international expert in the design and integration of applications and software over wired and wireless carrier grade networks, has reached an agreement with PanGo Networks Inc. to enable and distribute the PanGo enterprise asset tracking solution, which is comprised of the PanGo Locator asset tracking application, the PanOS Platform for unified location management and PanGo Active RFID Tags, as part of the Wayport suite of products and services in the health care vertical market.


Wayport installs, manages and maintains high-speed wireless networks and applications and services that run over those networks for hospitals to improve operational efficiencies and create new business capabilities. The PanGo products are well aligned with the objectives of Wayport's health care strategy as they provide an asset tracking and management capability to hospitals and health care management organisations that enables greater efficiency, cost savings and government regulation compliance (JCAHO). PanGo's platform is agnostic to the underlying real-time location system (RTLS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, allowing for implementation into a wide variety of environments with existing RFID tags and other "location aware" devices.

Medical RFID deployments are becoming a top priority in many hospitals worldwide. From biomedical equipment to key personnel, quickly locating and effectively deploying and servicing important assets is critical to success in health care facilities everywhere. By utilizing a hospital's existing or planned wireless LAN, RTLS and RFID infrastructure, PanGo's medical RFID solutions offer enterprise asset visibility and can be deployed quickly and easily. In addition, PanGo medical RFID solutions integrate seamlessly with work flow and business process automation software, providing real-time location information and asset tracking capabilities to optimize investments in equipment and other resources, and improve operating efficiency.

Significant advantages of the PanGo solution are the rich Web services-based interfaces for integrating location data into a host of asset management and work flow systems and its ability to interoperate with a wide variety of best-of-breed location tracking technologies. Wayport will offer the solution in addition to its existing suite of products and services for health care providers. When combined with Wayport's sophisticated network monitoring service and maintenance services, the PanGo solution offers a distinct advantage over other asset tracking products and providers.

"Demand for enterprise-grade asset tracking solutions is growing strongly in the health care market, and we are pleased to initiate this agreement with Wayport to help hospitals improve performance in patient care, operational efficiencies and cost reduction", stated Michael Campbell, Senior Vice President of Business Development at PanGo. "Wayport's vertical market strategy and focus on health care applications align well with the products and services that PanGo offers."

Some of the medical RFID advantages for improved patient care and financial performance include:

  • Critical medical equipment like wheel chairs, infusion pumps, mobile carts, beds and cardiac monitors can be quickly located.
  • Response times for emergencies and patient/staff requests improve.
  • Asset management and preventative maintenance becomes more effective, facilitating JCAHO/FDA regulatory compliance.
  • Transport and admissions processes are streamlined for greater capacity and throughput.
  • Equipment purchases and lease expenses are reduced.
  • Real-time asset visibility increases asset utilization.
  • Detailed tracking and reporting features provide data on location and usage history.
  • Seamless integration with workflow and asset maintenance systems enabling more efficient PM processes.

"The primary mission of hospitals will always be to offer excellent patient care, but in today's economic climate there is also increasing pressure to improve operational efficiencies and contain costs", stated Kevin McKeand, vice president and general manager, health care, for Wayport. "When supported by our array of support services, like 24/7 customer support and remote networking monitoring, our public Wi-Fi access for patients and staff, EHR support and asset management products from PanGo will help health care providers meet and exceed these goals."

Building on its established network infrastructure encompassing more than 13.000 locations in 32 countries, Wayport designs, develops and enables software and applications over carrier grade networks for innovative organisations in a number of vertical markets encompassing retail, health care, hospitality, managed services and others. Wayport helps organisations attract and retain loyal customers, create new business capabilities and improve operational efficiencies at premier venues including major hotels, airports, McDonald's and Hertz locations, and other retail brands worldwide. More company news can be found in the VMW November 2006 article Wayport and Catalis join forces to optimize medical office visits.

PanGo is a provider of location management and asset tracking solutions. PanGo's unified location management solutions allow organisations to leverage location information from a variety of RTLS and RFID sources to enhance critical business processes such as asset, work flow and inventory management. With its flagship PanOS Platform, asset tracking applications and professional services, PanGo offers the industry's first end-to-end enterprise asset tracking solution for real-time asset visibility and context-aware information delivery. Specializing in a range of markets including health care, manufacturing and government, PanGo delivers reliable and accurate information about the location of connected devices, people and assets. More company news is available in the VMW October 2004 article PanGo introduces PanGo Locator|Healthcare for hospitals and teams with Colubris to implement mobile health care Wi-Fi solutions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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