Instantstream and Medicine for Africa launch telemedicine system

New York 09 February 2007Medicine for Africa (MfA) has launched a collaborative venture with Instantstream Inc., New York, providing and delivering telemedicine services to physicians and medical universities in select African countries. The co-operation will build on existing MfA contacts with governments and universities in Africa, supported by American universities and company interests, and the unique interactive technology of Instantstream.


Three Instantstream technologies are considered for this collaborative venture: StreamMed, Streamphone and StreamLearn. StreamMed is an interactive Medical Web conferencing service and assistive diagnostic solution which is based on very innovative Instantstream's Streamphone technology and is accessible from any computer, web browser or communication device, located anywhere in the world.

Streamphone integrates audio and video with synchronized PowerPoint slides, allowing an effective way to connect with a target audience - physicians in remote areas or medical students in lecture halls in African universities. Additionally, Medicine for Africa anticipates the subscription to StreamLearn, which is a fully interactive on-line/on demand virtual classroom with video lectures - which is localized in various dialects, handouts, PowerPoint's, testing and student transcripts.

Medicine for Africa is a public-private partnership (PPP) project, aimed at supporting the general health care system in select African countries by providing necessary medical equipment, medical personnel from developed countries, and medical education and training to local students and future physicians. Madagascar and Cameroon are among some of the African countries that have expressed an early interest in evaluating possibilities of collaborating in telemedicine services and more.

Mr. Michael J. Daly, CEO of Instantstream, expressed his satisfaction about this agreement: "We are pleased to extend our interactive conferencing services to the medical area, after our early successes in demonstrating our global communication systems to the Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources and the e-Government Solution Department. We are now planning an effective and efficient usage of our technology on the African continent. We feel compelled to contribute to the medical and communication needs for the African Nations in the fields of medicine, education and communications."

Dr. Tom C. Garven, Executive Director of Medicine for Africa, stated: "I am thankful to Mr. Daly for his support of our project to improve the African health care system, and excited about the perspective of developing, with the help of Instantstream, the most sophisticated and effective telemedicine set-up to date in Africa, and may be worldwide. On other initiatives we are raising additional funds to provide expanding services under this new international telemedicine solution to people in a number of African countries. We believe that we could bring high quality telemedicine to the African countries and we are seeking the support of physicians, governments and political agencies."

Instantstream Inc. is a provider of interactive media communication solutions for businesses and consumers. Instantstream is an innovative market expert in the delivery of high quality mobile video calls and interactive multimedia conferencing communications. The company is in the business of extending the functionality and improving upon the limitation built into communication hardware and software solutions by telecom carries and manufactures. This is accomplished by the non-evasive add-in Streamphone which seamlessly connects to the IMLEC technologies that is compatible and installed on more than 700 million computer devices in the market today.

The Instantstream Technology provides cross-network carrier compatibly on the fly, and when offered in 2008 as an add-on current wireless data plans, Streamphone will offer a flat rate unlimited international cell phone audio/video calls and IPTV for under $89,00 per month. Currently, in the international business market, Instantstream offers video calls for 0,01 to 0,06 cents per minute video and flat rate global enterprise based solutions in the United States, Germany, China, Korea, Japan, Africa and Europe.

Instantstream's new Streamphone 2.5 wireless videophone service offers video communication across all similar and dissimilar competing platforms without incurring additional costs or requiring additional service contracts. Streamphone 2.5 is currently available in all parts of the world today. Streamphone 2.5 is primarily a communication solution for companies doing business overseas. Streamphone 2.5 is ideal for multi-national companies seeking a secured video call services originating from their home country.

Unlike all other solutions, Instantstream offers audio, video/audio, video web conferencing, interactive solutions, and TV broadcast reception all within one ubiquitous software application on any computing device, PC, Laptop, UMPC, PDA, Smarthphone, POTS and over a growing number of cell phones. Streamphone 2.5 will broadcast and receive up to 65 audio/video, TV streams, web conference origination signals from geographically dispersed locations and syndicate the origination signals to more than 500.000 viewers. Looking forward Instantstream is now working on Streamphone 3.0 and is expecting to change the communications industry.

Leslie Versweyveld

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