IVANS survey finds surprisingly widespread use of electronic eligibility verification

Stamford 12 March 2007A survey of over 800 health care providers this month by IVANS, a provider of corporate connectivity solutions and services, underscored the importance and widespread acceptance of electronic patient eligibility verification. The survey found that more than 75 percent of providers currently employ some type of electronic eligibility verification technology, with almost 64 percent rating the level of their eligibility verification as "good" or "excellent". When asked what benefit it affords them most, 37 percent said it reduced the occurrence of non-payment, an important issue for health care providers.


"As the health care field becomes more consumer-driven, high-tech solutions like real-time eligibility verification, electronic health records and telemedicine that can reduce paperwork grow more important", stated Clare DeNicola, president and CEO, IVANS Inc. "Providers must elevate their systems for this reality, and as our study indicates, many providers have already taken action. With all of the pressures providers face today, they have little time to manage these administrative tasks, making the benefits of electronic eligibility verification vital for seamless operation."

However, the survey also revealed a surprising finding that nearly 85 percent of all providers are unaware of the Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE) initiative launched by the Council for Affordable Quality Health (CAQH), intended to reduce the time and resources providers spend on administrative functions. However, after reading a description of the initiative, more than half said they believe CORE will likely streamline their administration, and 25 percent said they believe it will decrease costs.

"Such a large majority not having any communication about a major initiative that will impact the way they do business clearly shows the need for greater communication in the industry", added Clare DeNicola. "As a company that connects providers and insurers, we hope IVANS can play a significant role in generating a dialogue that leads to powerful solutions for everyone."

IVANS Inc. provides the insurance and health care industries with fully managed network, electronic data interchange (EDI) and agency-company interface solutions to help solve complex business issues. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut and a CMS approved vendor, IVANS serves over 500 insurance and health care organisations, more than 30.000 independent agents and 30.000 health care providers. With 25 years of experience successfully managing networks, the company also offers its clients relentless customer service, security solutions, reliable and accessible technical helpdesk support and expert enablement. IVANS, which was formed by 21 insurance companies, also has offices in Tampa, Florida and Cincinnati, Ohio.

For a copy of an executive summary of the IVANS survey, you can contact Cecile Locurto.

Leslie Versweyveld

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