Capital BlueCross and Prematics to deploy comprehensive e-Prescribing service to Central Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley physicians

Harrisburg 15 March 2007Capital BlueCross and Prematics has launched a ground-breaking initiative to provide eligible Central Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley area physicians state-of-the-art electronic prescription handheld wireless devices and complete ongoing turn-key service, free of charge. As a result, physicians and patients in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley will gain important time-saving, cost-saving and safety benefits from the United States' only comprehensive, end-to-end electronic prescribing service. Simple to use and highly secure, the Prematics ScriptTone electronic prescribing service is designed to meet the needs of the mainstream physician.


"At Capital BlueCross we are committed to simplifying health care and improving the health care system for our members and the physicians who treat them", stated Anita M. Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capital BlueCross. "Today's paper-driven prescription process can be prone to errors and inefficiencies. Through the Prematics e-prescribing service we are working to improve safety levels, save patients money, and help our customers to fight the escalating cost of prescription drugs. We expect the free ScriptTone e-prescribing service to make a real difference - particularly for our members who rely on smaller physician practices where primary care physicians might not otherwise have access to an e-prescribing solution."

Today, over 3,5 billion prescriptions are written each year, largely by a manual, paper-based prescription process that is prone to errors and inefficiencies, and medication errors are estimated to harm over 1,5 million Americans each year. In addition, doctors may be unaware that a patient's benefit plan saves the patient money when generic equivalents are prescribed. This usually results in the patient paying a higher copayment for a brand name drug, or, unnecessary phone calls, faxes, and return trips to the pharmacy for a new prescription. The Prematics ScriptTone solution saves time, money, and may even save lives by providing doctors with improved access to a patient's benefit plan and medication history, and ensures that a legible prescription is transmitted to the retail pharmacy.

The ScriptTone electronic prescribing service is connected to RxHub, an established industry network exchange, which provides physicians with up-to-date patient medication history and pharmacy benefit information. This allows physicians to write clinically appropriate prescriptions while saving money for the patient. ScriptTone also is connected to the SureScripts retail pharmacy network to send prescriptions electronically to the patient's pharmacy of choice. No longer do patients need to worry about losing paper prescriptions, and no longer do physicians need to be burdened by time consuming phone calls and faxes.

For physicians, the free ScriptTone service supported by Capital BlueCross offers several benefits. It saves time and reduces office administrative expenses by eliminating many steps in the current paper-driven process of prescribing medication, including time spent correcting pharmacy errors resulting from misunderstood hand-written prescriptions. For patients, Prematics' ScriptTone service likewise saves time and expense, and above all improves safety by significantly reducing the potential for adverse drug interactions.

"We are very pleased that Capital BlueCross, a strong and forward-thinking organisation, is working with Prematics to bring the nation's only comprehensive, end-to-end electronic prescribing service to physicians throughout Central Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley", stated Scott Puritz, Chief Executive Officer of Prematics. "By collaborating closely with Capital BlueCross and harnessing the power of the ScriptTone platform, we have a unique opportunity to make Central Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley the e-Health showcase for the nation", stated Scott Puritz.

Prematics is led by a team of highly experienced health care technology executives, including Chairman of the Board James Bradley, one of the United States' most experienced and respected health care executives and a driving force for innovation in health care information technology. The Prematics Executive Council includes health care luminaries such as former Senator John Breaux and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson, along with the former CEOs of major companies in the health insurance, pharmacy benefit management and drug store fields. Prematics works closely with distinguished health care and technical advisory boards, and has the financial support of two leading investors, Foundation Capital and General Catalyst Partners.

Prematics is an independent company that is solely responsible for provision and management of the ScriptTone electronic prescribing services described herein. Prematics is committed to improving the safety, quality and efficiency of the prescription drug supply chain. The company offers ScriptTone, the United States' first easy-to-use, fully managed electronic prescribing service designed for physicians. Prematics delivers ScriptTone over the company's proprietary end-to-end network. This reliable and highly secure service empowers physicians at the point-of-care to prescribe the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective prescription. ScriptTone benefits all of the key industry stakeholders by driving patient safety, lowering costs, and streamlining fulfillment.

Capital BlueCross is a major health insurer in the market, providing health insurance coverage to nearly one million people in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley. Capital BlueCross is committed to making health insurance simple, offering easy to use health care and personal service at competitive prices. The company has been serving its customers through all the stages of their life for almost 70 years and employs more than 2300 people. Capital BlueCross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Leslie Versweyveld

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