Six-ounce real time ECG records rhythm strips through thumbs

Fremont 19 March 2007The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved DailyCare USA's InstantCheck Handheld ECG, a 6oz device which displays real time heart rhythm on its LCD. The pocket-sized $899 device is only 6 ounces and is an ideal tool for millions of Americans who suffer from atrial fibrillation (A-Fib) and other erratic heart rhythm conditions. The InstantCheck Handheld ECG is officially launched at the American College of Cardiology in New Orleans, March 24-27th, 2007.


Physicians can now monitor heart rhythm in real time by applying the patient's thumbs on the pocket-sized InstantCheck's dry electrodes for 30 seconds. With its patient-activated continuous recording mode, the InstantCheck may also function as a simple remote event recorder for patients who experience symptomatic or asymptomatic arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation; have a history of cardio-thoracic surgery; or are taking certain heart medications. Primary care physicians will also be able to pre-screen patients with cardiac complaints, as it provides for an accurate and quick alternative to physical palpitations. The device is equipped with a standard electrode extension, and with a standard USB cable for download and management of the records on a PC.

Dr. Kang Ping Lin, CEO of DailyCare, stated: "Due to the ease of use and affordability, it is not only a great pocket tool for both cardiologists and family physicians; it is also a simple event recorder to be prescribed to a patient for arrhythmia detection and management. The device will form a bridge between the cardiologists and their patients, as it offers a solution to check on a patient's heart condition between two visits at the clinic, which is a crucial step in the fight against heart disease."

DailyCare, a California corporation, designs and manufactures handheld ECGs aimed at facilitating arrhythmia detections and heart health management for health care professional and their patients. Federal law restricts the InstantCheck handheld ECG to sale by or on the order of a health care professional.

Leslie Versweyveld

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