Cardiocom introduces Omnivisor Pro Telemonitoring Patient Management System with advanced features

Minneapolis 28 February 2007Cardiocom Multi-Disease Management, an expert in innovative telehealth solutions for chronic disease management, has launched its new enterprise level Omnivisor Pro Telemonitoring Patient Management System that will assist physicians, hospitals, health plans, home health agencies and disease management companies to operate more cost-effectively by enabling improved management of clinical data transmitted daily from the patient's home. Cardiocom is showcasing its newest hardware and software system at the American Medical Group Association's 2007 Annual Conference.


The Omnivisor Pro System connects patients and their health care professionals. It enables the nurse to co-ordinate care and assist the treating physician by quickly and concisely supplying real-time data about an at-risk patient. The flexible suite of Cardiocom telemonitoring devices, including Telescale, Commander and AutoLink, interact with the Omnivisor Pro System to provide daily remote monitoring of patients' vital signs and symptoms. Data is transmitted via a standard telephone line or using the optional Commander Cellular connection. Clinicians can then assess what interventions are required to change medications and/or treatment plans and coach the patient in self-management skills.

Omnivisor Pro is an ASP.NET browser-based system built on Microsoft technologies, utilizing the .NET 2.0 Framework and SQL Server 2000. This allows for universal access by Cardiocom's clients via intranet or a dedicated connection, as well as high performance and scalability to manage very large patient populations. The single point of deployment feature provides low IT maintenance and minimal down time. Omnivisor Pro can be installed at the client site in about a day.

"The Omnivisor Pro System brings the next generation in enterprise level remote patient monitoring and more cost-effective solutions to our customers", stated Daniel Cosentino, Cardiocom President. "In developing Omnivisor Pro we focused on creating a comprehensive system that improves clinical staff to patient ratios, delivers advanced patient management features and provides a flexible platform for tighter integration with clients."

The Omnivisor Pro System uses branching clinical algorithms to automatically identify each day's "exception" patients with symptoms outside the individual parameters set by the patient's physician. Cardiocom's "management by exception" approach allows the case manager to focus time on patients who need the most immediate assistance. This distinctive technology can reduce staffing ratios and free nurses for other patient care responsibilities. The System also provides succinct, actionable reports that display current objective and subjective health data for the clinician.

Cardiocom is specialized in telemonitoring and disease management solutions. Founded in 1997, Cardiocom develops, manufactures and markets its own telehealth devices for congestive heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, COPD, asthma, and ESRD. GlucoCom blood glucose monitoring was added to the Cardiocom product line in early 2006. Cardiocom's clients include some of the most respected health plans, hospital systems, home health groups and disease management vendors in the United States. Through these established relationships, Cardiocom improves the lives of thousands of people each day. More company news is available in the VMW February 2007 article Cardiocom introduces Commander Cellular telehealth device and receives three Consumer Health World Awards for its AutoLink telemonitoring and GlucoCom blood glucose monitoring system.

Leslie Versweyveld

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