IBM and Convergence CT team to provide clinical data warehousing for health care and life sciences

Armonk 28 February 2007IBM and Convergence CT have signed an agreement to jointly market clinical data warehousing products for the health care and life sciences industries. The new Clinical Data Warehouse will be based on the IBM Balanced Configuration Unit (BCU) for Linux and Convergence CT's DB*FOCUS Clinical Data Warehouse technology. The fully integrated solution will be jointly marketed worldwide.


"We are extremely excited about this partnership with IBM to develop and market our highly advanced, newest generation of Patient Data Warehousing technology", stated Lambert Onuma, President and CEO of Convergence CT. "In combination with our DB*FOCUS technology and analytics, the advances that IBM's platforms and Business Intelligence tools bring will be unmatched in the industry."

In addition to offering health care providers the Clinical Data Warehouse, IBM and Convergence CT will market a joint solution to life sciences companies - Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device firms - based on longitudinal patient data and advanced analytics. Moving forward, the two firms will continue to work together on the development of a variety of new technologies and product offerings.

"One of the greatest challenges facing our health care clients has been gaining access to integrated patient data that meets today's compliance requirements", stated Karen Parrish, Vice President, IBM Business Intelligence Solutions. "The combination of IBM's Balanced Configuration Unit for Linux and Convergence CT's DB*FOCUS provides a pre-packaged Clinical Data Warehouse solution for this highly sensitive information."

Convergence CT is also the data warehousing and analytics partner of Anceta LLC, a health informatics subsidiary of the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), which supports AMGA's strong tradition of collaborative quality improvement. Convergence CT, Anceta and the AMGA are collaborating with AMGA's multi-speciality medical groups to extract, aggregate and analyse comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant patient data among participating AMGA members.

Through this collaboration, Convergence CT has successfully implemented and refined its data integration and warehousing applications across the enterprise and among multiple organisations. This relationship has created the tools and information resources to assist providers, policy makers, and purchasers - including patients - in making better decisions regarding health care choices. The Anceta Collaborative Data Warehouse and its health informatics tools will assist providers, policy makers, and purchasers - including employers and employees - in making better decisions regarding health care choices.

Through a long-term agreement executed in January 2006, Convergence CT and Anceta are assisting AMGA medical groups in making the next leap in applying information technology, data standards, and advanced analytics to effective, secure data sharing among multiple organisations.

"We are pleased to have IBM join Convergence CT in its efforts to assist Anceta and AMGA's medical groups in making this next leap forward in applying information and information technology to enhance health care quality and efficiency", noted Donald Fisher, Ph.D., President and CEO of AMGA and Chairman, Anceta. "We look forward to the enhancements that IBM's platforms and business tools will bring to the Anceta Collaborative", he added.

DB*FOCUS creates a comprehensive patient Electronic Health Record (EHR) by extracting data from existing hospital and clinic information systems whether they are integrated or not. As new patient information is added, their data elements are converged to the existing patient record seamlessly. Data can be easily analysed via built-in query tools and users have the ability to export the data to other applications. This capability enables clinicians, researchers and management to quickly develop actionable knowledge based on up-to-date patient-level data.

"By signing this partnership agreement with IBM, Convergence CT has received a very prestigious stamp of approval on the technology that we have put our lifeblood into developing", stated former Hawaii Governor George Ariyoshi, Chairman of Convergence CT. "We are very pleased to be joining IBM in this endeavour, and we are looking forward to the strategic improvements that the integration of our products will bring to the health and welfare of the world population."

The IBM BCU is a fully integrated and scalable data warehouse solution for Linux that combines software, server, and storage resources to maximize business intelligence and information management performance for enterprises. The D5000 BCU model chosen by Convergence CT features the latest DB2 9 technology for data compression and XML data capability and is built around the DB2 Data Warehouse Edition 9, eServer x3650 and EXP3000 disk storage.

In addition, IBM's Life Sciences Global Business Services Group has created a set of customized offerings for those medical practice groups whose data complexity and readiness for next generation analytics does not match the system requirements for the latest DB*FOCUS product.

Leslie Versweyveld

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