Zandar HD MultiViewer in medical and educational Flypack for Worldwide Satellite Communications

Dublin 04 April 2007A Zandar Predator HD12 MultiViewer is being used in a HD/SD SDI Flypack System for USA-based Worldwide Satellite Communications. The Flypack is used for compact, convenient, flexible programme production intended for a medical audience and as an educational and teaching tool. Jim Caldwell was the main engineer for the project, responsible for system redesign and completion, working with media and communications company, Firestone Communications. The sale was arranged through VideoTex Systems of Dallas, a Zandar value-added systems integrator.


"We're delighted to have one of our Predator HD MultiViewers installed in such an interesting and exciting application. The Predator brings significant cost saving and image display benefits to a broad range of different markets such as remote monitoring, outside broadcast as well as long-distance education and the provision of medical information", commented Deirdre Smith, CEO at Zandar Technologies.

In designing the system, Will Raymond, Systems Engineer at Firestone Communications, explained: "LCD's took up a lot of space on the rack front. There were also limitations with the LCD monitor sight angles and source viewing. Moving to a Zandar solution really made sense. We've worked with Zandar in the past and knew the capabilities and reliability of the product. The fact that the Zandar Predator HD could take SD and HD sources made it a perfect solution for this multi-purpose Flypack system. It's also built for future expansion."

Will Raymond, Systems Engineer at Firestone Communications (right) configures the Zandar Predator HD12 MultiViewer installed in the Flypack system for Worldwide Satellite Communications. (Image courtesy of Firestone Communications.)

The Predator HD12 MultiViewer was installed in late January 2007 and was first used for a Knee replacement surgery at Alliance Hospital, Odessa, Texas, followed by Cardiac surgery on February 27 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and then for an Aneurysm Repair on March 1st at Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital in Dallas. Many of the programmes are for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit as well as the consumer. Some viewers watching a particular procedure, such as knee replacement surgery, will have the procedure done on themselves. They are watching for education on how the surgery is done as well as the recovery and rehabilitation they can expect after leaving the hospital.

The Worldwide Satellite Communications Flypack system incorporating the Zandar Predator HD12 MultiViewer was used to monitor an Cardiac surgery on February 27 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Image courtesy of Firestone Communications.)

The Predator HD12 is installed in a compact and portable SD and HD Flypack system that is consolidated into five equipment racks. "We needed it to take up a small footprint of space in the surgical operating rooms - we only need 16 feet of floor space - and to be compact enough to put on pallets to ship anywhere it needs to be. We had to be able to manage multiple video sources from Medical devices such as a Fluoroscope, EKG, IVUS or Patient Vitals monitor and integrate those scan lines into our switcher to convert the signal to SDI. In addition we needed a Flypack that could be totally set up and ready to go in less than 3 hours, have lightweight HD cameras that can go handheld underneath operating equipment and still be small enough to be unobtrusive to the surgical staff. To accomplish these objectives, we chose the Zandar Multi-Viewer which eliminated the need to use 20 individual video monitors and allowed us to display the video sources in HD on one 37" 1080p Westinghouse Monitor. The client/producer sits next to our Director and they both watch the video sources off the same monitor. One monitor to put up, one monitor to put away", commented Viveca Stock, CEO and President at Worldwide Satellite Communications.

The Worldwide Satellite Communications Flypack system incorporating the Zandar Predator HD12 MultiViewer was used to monitor an Aneurysm Repair on March 1st at Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital in Dallas. (Image courtesy of Firestone Communications.)

"Everything is so compact, neat, organized and labelled ensuring that the Flypack can be quickly set up and ready to go. Our clients are impressed at the small amount of space it takes up at the hospitals, how little time we need to load in and that we tear down in less than 60 minutes. And regarding the Zandar MultiViewer, I had one client say to me: Wow. I've never seen anything like it and you can customize the screen however I want. Man, that is so cool. We wow them every time we bring out the monitor and light it up with the Zandar Predator HD MultiViewer. We have had hospital administrators and other doctors called in from their offices to come see our gear in the operation rooms. They were first impressed with the Canon H1 cameras used to record in SD and HD because of their size and flexibility. But when we brought out the Zandar, that put it over the top."

"Worldwide Satellite Communications is certified as a Woman Business Enterprise by WBENC in Washington, DC. After the clients, producers and hospital administrators catch their breath over the beauty of the gear, they are then amazed to learn that a woman owns and operates Worldwide Satellite Communications. I guess you can say I keep setting the bar a little higher each time we do an event. Our Flypack is a work in progress."

Zandar Technologies is specialized in the development of high quality multi-source display processors that match the specific needs of any display, monitoring and surveillance environment. The company combines innovation and experience to provide a wide range of expansive, flexible and resilient MultiViewer solutions for many applications including the FusionPro+, Predator, DX and MX series. Zandar's international customer base includes many of the world's major companies in the broadcast, security and professional audio visual markets. The company's dedicated sales and engineering team, professional resellers and responsive technical support specialists underline a commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Leslie Versweyveld

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