SRIT to launch ACTchange, a framework enabling health care collaboration

Bangalore 16 April 2007Sobha Renaissance Information Technology (SRIT) is introducing, for the first time, at Med-e-tel 2007, Luxembourg 18-20 April 2007, its rapidly progressing Integrated Health Care Exchange (iHCx) framework. The framework called ACTchange, will be driven by patient-centric health care service rules. Its core value proposition lies in the elimination of the care provider's dependency on an ever-changing technology landscape in owning, building, maintaining and operating a health ICT infrastructure.


The total time frame to roll out the complete service framework still remains a function to market and business variables, but Dr. Madhu Nambiar, SRIT's Co-Founder and CEO, stated: "The framework is already in the testing phase and some modules are presently operational in clinical scenarios. Various functional modules are being added and one is expecting to rapidly enable a radical change to health delivery in the very near future."

The ACTchange will host secure health information exchange services between consumers, hospital networks and payers within a governance unit or across such units. This will enable governments to transform their health system to provide quality, accountability and affordability in their care programmes. Its Managed Services will further enable the various collaborating entities to form their own cross-entity care programmes with customizable data and revenue flow without investing in IT infrastructure, software, maintenance, upgrade and support.

Dr. Madhu Nambiar further added: "The vision of the Integrated Health Care Group (iHCg) is to realize safe and affordable access to quality care that is glocalized with the citizen/consumer at its core, enabling care collaboration, bridging heterogeneous technologies, propriety platforms, devices, etc. In the face of an acute shortage of medical professionals all over the world, the health care delivery process today remains fragmented in terms of technology, knowledge and care delivery. The global health care system is grappling with big challenges in affordability, resource utilization, knowledge harnessing, accountability, and most importantly patient comfort. ACTchange proposes a service model to address these gaps and to balance demand and supply."

ICT adoption within health care is experiencing an upward trend. In the European Union alone, the overall expenditure on Healthcare Information and Communication Technology in the year 2005-06 was estimated at 9,6 million euro. Health care provider IT spending in the United States was USD 16 billion and is estimated at USD 29 billion by 2009. (Source: CHF Architecture & Design - Oct. 2006) Worldwide spending by health care on IT has surpassed USD 100 billion in 2006. The annual growth rate for health care IT spending was 5,7 percent in 2005 and will be 4,1 percent in 2008. (Source: Gartner Dataquest - Aug. 2005)

Integrated Health Care Group (iHCg) is a Strategic Business Unit of SRIT focused on enabling safe and affordable ICT enabled health care delivery through its Integrated Health Care Exchange (iHCx). Sobha Renaissance Information Technology (SRIT) is a CMM Level 5 and SSE-CMM Level 5, global IT solutions company providing advanced, enterprise-class solutions to Fortune 500 companies. SRIT focuses on Application Software Development Services - a hybrid onsite-offshore development model - across industry verticals, and productized solutions in the Healthcare, Telecoms and the Total Enterprise space. SRIT is a SOBHA Group Enterprise.

Leslie Versweyveld

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