Confirma Inc. and Guardian Techologies International Inc. sign collaboration and strategic alliance agreement

Herndon 26 April 2007Guardian Technologies International Inc., a provider of high-performance security and health care imaging solutions, has signed a collaboration and strategic alliance agreement with Confirma Inc., specialized in computer-aided-detection (CAD) for magnetic resonance imaging. The parties have agreed to collaborate on the design, development and commercialization of radiology imaging solutions for new clinical applications.


Confirma is the market leader for CAD systems for breast MRI with over 700 CADstream systems installed in hundreds of breast MRI programmes around the world. CADstream has gained widespread acceptance and is now used by thousands of physicians for more efficient, standardized analysis and reporting of breast MRI studies. To that end, the companies are analysing the most effective delivery - near and long-term - of the combined technologies through Confirma's distribution channels.

Bill Donovan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Guardian Technologies, stated: "I'm tremendously excited about our collaboration and strategic alliance with an industry leader of Confirma's status. Collectively, we are acutely aware of the challenges facing today's radiologists and share a common vision for improving patient care. I believe our joint efforts can lead to breakthrough imaging solutions to long standing radiology challenges and should produce exciting new products that will bring significant benefits to the practice of radiology."

Guardian provides a patent-pending Signature Mapping technology for tissue characterization and advanced visualization and image analysis. Initial research being conducted at the University of Southern California has found Signature Mapping to be effective at distinguishing and quantifying Multiple Sclerosis lesions in the brain, as well as, lesions within dense and fatty breast tissue. Early research has also found the technology to be promising in prostate MRI studies and CT brain scans.

"This agreement with Guardian Technologies International supports Confirma's commitment to providing innovative technology for improved efficiency, standardization and accuracy in medical imaging", stated Paul Budak, Vice President, Research and Development, Confirma. "As medical imaging continues to evolve, new tools for analysis and interpretation are necessary. Signature Mapping is a unique product for image analysis and visualization and we look forward to a productive partnership with Guardian."

Signature Mapping is the next step in imaging technology evolution beyond pattern recognition. It is a dynamic, iterative process, in which specifically designed algorithms impact image pixels causing the group of pixels representing each tissue to respond in a unique collective way.

This response-based reaction generates new groups of "self-classifying" pixels. These self-classifying groups provide a unique set of signatures for each tissue or material. The resulting "signature mapped" data, enables the implementation of a rich set of imaging tools that provide new clinical approaches for medicine. These include image clarification and visualization, feature extraction, tissue characterization and quantification, disease detection, monitoring and staging. Process works effectively across all imaging modalities.

Confirma Inc. develops and markets CAD systems and accessories for medical imaging. CADstream is the standard in CAD for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). CADstream automates the analysis and interventional guidance of MRI studies, providing higher quality imaging studies, lower costs for radiology practices and improved communication tools for physicians and patients. In its initial application, CADstream is being used to assist in the analysis, interventional guidance and reporting of breast MRI studies. CADstream is DICOM 3.0 compliant, allowing integration with any MRI scanner and PACS. The company plans to adapt its proven CAD technology to advance other medical imaging applications.

Confirma has established partnerships with companies including GE Healthcare, Philips Medical Systems, Hologic, iCAD and Vital Images. Confirma has partnered with hundreds of imaging centres and corporate partners worldwide since 2003, helping develop more standardized, high performance breast MRI programmes that deliver premium patient care. Confirma Europe GmbH opened operations recently in Berlin to further develop the European market. Frost & Sullivan recently recognized Confirma with the 2006 Industry Innovation and Advancement Award for the United States. CAD market. More company news is available in the VMW January 2005 article Confirma introduces next generation breast MRI CADstream system with advanced features.

Guardian Technologies International Inc. employs high-performance imaging technologies and advanced analytics to create integrated information management products and services. Guardian's technologies are focused on two primary markets: Homeland Defense and Health care Solutions. Guardian's homeland defense security technologies provide highly accurate threat-item detection at the image-scanning level, and the company's Health care Solutions for radiology improve information and process flow with state-of-the-art CAD technology. More company news can be found in the VMW February 2006 article Guardian Technologies migrates breakthrough intelligent imaging informatics technology to health care to solve radiology problems.

Leslie Versweyveld

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