Cardiac expertise is just a heartbeat away at ValleyCare Medical Center

Los Angeles 24 April 2007ValleyCare Health System has installed Digital Union's new Surgical Data Network (SDN) at ValleyCare Medical Center in Pleasanton, California. SDN is a specially designed application for operating and exam rooms enabling attending physicians and surgeons to contact colleagues outside the hospital and consult on patient care in real time.


Installation is complete in the Cardiac Operating Room (OR), Cath Lab, and eight physician offices. "In the past, when our surgeons needed to consult with a colleague in real time, we had to have that person scrub", stated Dr. Carlos Gracia of ValleyCare. "Now we bring the OR to them in a heartbeat." From a touch screen in the OR, physicians engage in real-time video conferencing, while those outside the hospital view diagnostic quality video from multiple sources within the OR. "They see what we see", stated Dr. Gracia. SDN also features fully converged digital audio and a full collaborative tool set. Medical images can be manipulated, analysed, annotated and returned for clinical decision support.

Claire Shoen, ValleyCare's Executive Vice President for Business Development and Physician Relations, believes connecting the cardiac OR to the physician's office is just the beginning: "Our goal is to establish a network within the medical community that enables us to bring our expertise to referring physicians throughout the Tri-Valley." Claire Shoen went on to say: "Digital Union's technology will help us reach patients sooner, speeding up diagnoses and improving outcomes."

Digital Union CEO Paul Niday describes his company's technology as the next step in telemedicine. "For the first time ever, any location with a computer and a broadband Internet connection can be a telemedicine centre. We can customize an application to fit any situation in health care where outside expertise is needed in real time to facilitate better patient care", stated Paul Niday.

Digital Union plans to unveil its new technology at the American Telemedicine Association's 12th Annual International Meeting and Tradeshow in Nashville, May 13-15. Tradeshow attendees will be able to "look in" on the cardiac OR at ValleyCare Medical Center, and discuss the technology with Dr. Gracia.

Since 1961, ValleyCare Health System has been providing the residents of the Tri-Valley community with state-of-the-art medical care. With locations in Pleasanton, Livermore and Tracy, ValleyCare has a total of 186 hospital beds and a medical staff of over 400 offering a wide array of world-class inpatient and outpatient services.

Based in Los Angeles, Digital Union creates specialized Collaborative Informatics solutions for Visual Decision Makers in the health care, education and entertainment industries. Digital Union solutions provide the ability to collaborate at any distance, from multipoint locations, in real time via the Internet.

Leslie Versweyveld

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