B-Line Medical releases SimCube, a comprehensive solution for capturing and assessing simulation encounters

Silver Spring 04 April 2007B-Line Medical LLC has released an exciting new product targeted towards the medical simulation space. Continuing to build on their expertise in the clinical assessment domain, and drawing upon extensive feedback from their user base of top-ranked medical schools, hospitals and nursing programmes, B-Line Medical has developed SimCube, a portable, low cost complement to the already successful centre-wide SimCenter solution.


SimCube delivers what the simulation community has been waiting for: an affordable, portable, and easy to use solution for capturing simulation encounters. B-Line Medical's SimCube(TM) records multiple video feeds digitally, handles annotation and debriefing, integrates seamlessly with numerous simulator manufacturers including METI, Laerdal, and Immersion Medical and automatically builds participant portfolios.

SimCube also manages users, provides tools for scenario and checklist creation, generates multiple types of reports, and is 100 percent web-based. Ultimately, SimCube delivers what medical educators need most - more effective use of limited resources, improved efficiency in assessing students, and elimination of paper evaluations and VHS tapes/DVDs.

"Our clients and partners have played a vital role in the evolution of the SimCube product. As a company, we have always put our users first and are committed to innovating to improve their experience - this is a case where we were able to have some really dynamic conversations and build that experience from the ground up", stated Chafic Kazoun, President and CTO of B-Line Medical. "I'm confident that this process has resulted in a powerful tool that will have immediate impact on how people educate using simulation."

SimCube was built with flexibility in mind. It can be connected to multiple types of simulators or to other SimCubes to function in a larger setting. The SimCube can even be plugged into B-Line Medical's centre-wide SimCenter solution to work hand in hand within a diverse simulation environment that includes both simulators and standardized patients. This flexibility allows users to start small and expand with ease when they secure additional simulators or move into a larger space.

SimCube's software and hardware package is comprehensive. Upon system set-up, users will be able to record, page, annotate, and debrief sessions digitally. Sessions are also archived and associated with individual participants for effortless portfolio assembly. SimCube's debriefing software automatically generates trend lines for physiological data and captures log files for events and drug interactions. Both are dynamic and "clickable" allowing users to quickly jump to relevant sections in the digital video.

SimCube feature highlights include:

  • Digitally records multiple feeds
  • Synchronous playback
  • Predefined text & free text annotation
  • SimBridge simulator integration
  • Participant portfolios
  • Scenario & checklist creation
  • Testing & assessment
  • Portable & scalable
  • 100 percent web-based
  • Cross platform

B-Line Medical creates powerful web-based tools to facilitate the training of medical students and professionals in a wide variety of simulated training environments involving high-fidelity mannequins, standardized patients, virtual reality devices, and procedural trainers. Labour-intensive tasks such as digital video recording, student portfolio assembly, testing and assessment, participant tracking, and scheduling, are automated to reduce administrative overhead.

B-Line Medical has also partnered with numerous medical simulation vendors to standardize simulator data capture conventions, unifying a once fragmented training setting. B-Line Medical solutions are in use at top medical schools, nursing programmes and hospitals throughout the United States and will also soon be in use internationally.

Leslie Versweyveld

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