Monebo Technologies obtains FDA clearance to market the CardioBelt wireless ECG system

Austin 15 May 2007Monebo Technologies Inc.'s CardioBelt Electrode System is now available, following clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The CardioBelt is an ECG acquisition device used for remote patient monitoring, including the assessment of heart arrhythmias. It will be integrated into the platform technologies of home heath care and telemedicine equipment providers, in devices ranging from computers to cell phones, and will work in concert with other devices that monitor blood pressure, weight, glucose level, and oxygen saturation, to provide physicians a more complete assessment of their patients health while the patient stays in the comfort of their own home.


The CardioBelt is designed for patient ease of use, and to allow health care professionals to quickly obtain accurate information on their patient's ECG. It is worn across the chest, with no patient preparation, sticky electrodes or cables, eliminating the need for a trained health professional to be physically present. The patient just needs to put the belt on, push one button, and the CardioBelt connects wirelessly to a communication device, leaving the patient with total mobility.

CardioBelt works with Monebo's ECGAnalyzer software, designed for the health care professional, and used to interpret the ECG signal once it is received at the central location. It provides easy to use, yet powerful ECG monitoring tools, and helps with the efficiency of handling multiple patients. Together, the system provides a cost-effective and patient liberating solution to cardiac electrical monitoring, making it an excellent alternative for patients in a home care or distance care setting.

"We are excited to release this innovative technology to our customers", stated Dale Misczynski, President and CEO of Monebo. "The combination of CardioBelt and ECGAnalyzer opens up the opportunity for the monitoring of heart patients using a critical and widely understood test, the ECG. This yields improved health care, convenience for the patient and more efficient health care delivery. We are working with several companies to integrate our system into their platforms and we are looking forward to providing them and their customers with this unique new technology."

Monebo Technologies Inc. is a private company based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to developing technology to monitor and interpret the electrical activity of the heart. The company is focused on providing solutions to allow patients and physicians to manage and reduce problems associated with cardiac disease, and have developed technology for ambulatory cardiac monitoring, home care, and pharmaceutical cardiac safety trials. Monebo's proprietary digital signal processing algorithms, highly developed sensor technology, and wireless communication capabilities provide accurate real-time monitoring information, with increased patient mobility.

Leslie Versweyveld

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