IBM and VISICU wire Pacific Rim with remote critical care services for military

Armonk 14 May 2007IBM and VISICU Inc. have launched a joint effort to wire a telemedicine network to provide remote critical care support to military hospitals along the Pacific Rim. Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, in conjunction with staff at the University of Hawaii, will manage the remote monitoring and support system using VISICU's eICU technology on IBM BladeCenter servers. The eICU centre, in collaboration with remote military hospitals, will provide an enhanced level of care to active-duty military, their families, and other beneficiaries.


VISICU's eICU solution enables military hospital personnel throughout the Pacific Rim to "electronically connect" with the remote eICU centre in Hawaii. This allows instantaneous access to critical care specialists who are able to monitor patient status and speak directly with bedside clinicians to guide appropriate intervention. By taking immediate action, patients can be stabilized to prevent further complication subsequently eliminating or delaying the need for air evacuation. Using state-of-the-art network and video technologies, along with device connectivity and Smart Alerts, the eICU specialists have the potential to provide support for over 300 patients across the Pacific Rim.

Tripler Army Medical Center, part of the Pacific Regional Medical Command (PRMC), is the first military medical centre to use the VISICU eICU solution for remote monitoring and care of patients. Tripler has been supporting Joint Medical Operations with the United States Naval Hospital in Guam four thousand miles away. In order to extend access to other hospitals along the Pacific Rim, a more flexible server platform was required.

By moving to IBM BladeCenter servers and IBM System Storage, Tripler is now in a position to extend support to additional hospitals throughout the Pacific Rim. This advanced solution has the capacity to support over 300 patient connections on an expanded telemedicine network that can span over 4000 miles.

Dr. Eric A. Crawley, Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Tripler Army Medical Center, and Dr. Benjamin W. Berg, Clinical Professor at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine-Telehealth Research Institute, have led the programme to institute the eICU BladeCenter solution. Dr. Berg stated: "Access to the best specialists shouldn't be restricted by geographical barriers. With this new infrastructure in place, we will be able to leverage our virtual practice to provide high quality critical care services to a greater number of military personnel and their families."

VISICU Inc. is a health care information technology and clinical solutions company focused on transforming the delivery of critical care through its eICU programme. Through remote monitoring technology and clinical intelligence, experienced critical care resources are leveraged to provide coverage and early intervention for safer, more effective patient care. Currently more than 200 hospitals serving over 250.000 patients annually have partnered with VISICU to implement eICU programmes. More news about VISICU is available in the VMW November 2004 article Visicu's innovative life saving eICU solution awarded United States patent.

Leslie Versweyveld

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