Digital Union creates telemedicine network for Alexandria Autism Center

Los Angeles 02 May 2007Digital Union has completed the installation of a new telemedicine network at St. Mary's Residential Training School in Alexandria, Louisiana. The network links St. Mary's with experts in the field of autism, enabling St. Mary's staff to consult in real-time on the care and training of children living at the centre.


"We don't always have the specialists our residents need on campus", stated St. Mary's Operations Director Karen Coor. "Digital Union brings us experts in behaviour analysis, speech pathology, genetics and paediatric autism from as far away as California." The network was built using Digital Union's revolutionary new RealTime1 (RT1) technology. RT1 provides real-time video conferencing and allows those outside the school to view DVD quality video from multiple sources at St. Mary's.

"We provide the best possible care for our residents when we can consult with these experts during the training process and not after the fact", stated Karen Coor. "The network also allows our staff to spend more time learning from leaders in the fields of autism research and training."

Paul Niday, Digital Union CEO, describes his company's technology as the next step in telemedicine: "For the first time ever, any location with a computer and a broadband Internet connection can be a telemedicine centre. It gives us great pride to know our technology is helping with the care and development of these special children."

Digital Union provides a virtual data and communication hub for their clients including hardware, software, networking and integration to current technologies using open standards and the client's current Internet and Intranet networks.

Founded in 1954 by Bishop Charles Greco, St. Mary's Residential Training School is a private, non-profit residential centre serving as home to 186 children and young adults with developmental disabilities and autism. St. Mary's features a cutting-edge Autism Center, designed as creative work place for child development. The Autism Center features specialized training and is delivering proven results. St. Mary's is also a pioneer in working with large numbers of children with autism. The 55-acre campus has three dorms, eight group homes, a school, a clinic, and a gym.

Based in Los Angeles, Digital Union creates specialized Collaborative Informatics solutions for Visual Decision Makers in the health care, education and entertainment industries. Digital Union solutions provide real-time video conferencing, and the ability to simultaneously collaborate on any application or media from multipoint locations via the Internet. More company news can be found in the VMW May 2007 article Cardiac expertise is just a heartbeat away at ValleyCare Medical Center.

Leslie Versweyveld

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