Ascension to introduce 3D Guidance tracker in biopsy application at American Urological Association Conference 2007

Burlington 14 May 2007Ascension Technology is demonstrating the use of its 3D Guidance tracking device in a percutaneous prostate biopsy application at the American Urological Association (AUA) 2007 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, May 19-24. Ascension's 3D Guidance tracks the position and orientation of one or more tiny sensors, enabling real-time guidance of medical instruments for minimally invasive, image-guided procedures.


For demonstration purposes at the AUA Meeting, a microminiaturized sensor will be wrapped around the distal tip of a biopsy needle and guided in real-time when inserted into a prostate phantom. 3D Guidance sensors have been microminiaturized (diameters range from 0,3 mm to 1,8 mm) to enable unobtrusive attachment to a biopsy needle - or other interventional tools-catheters, scopes, probes.

Coupled with a tracked ultrasound transducer the needle can be registered to an internal target. 3D Guidance's tracking of the needle's trajectory enables an overlay on the ultrasound image to show how to position the needle in three-dimensional space and predict a precise path of a needle to a lesion. After the needle is inserted, the physician receives real-time feedback that shows the exact position of the needle at all times. These graphical inputs enable the physician to perform a three-dimensional verification of the needle tip position.

Jack Scully, Ascension's VP for New Business Development, stated: "3D guidance of a percutaneous biopsy intervention enables clinicians to hit an internal target with high accuracy and reliability. Ascension's breakthrough development of microminaiturized magnetic sensors and a flat metal-immune transmitter now enables routine deployment of such a system."

Ascension Technology Corporation, based in Burlington, Vermont, USA, is a world expert in magnetic motion tracking solutions for medical applications. For more information about Ascension trackers, you can visit the Ascension Web site or read the VMW December 2006 article Ascension and Trig Medical to present new 3D Guidance tracking tool at RSNA.

Leslie Versweyveld

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