York Telecom and LiveData collaborate to deliver Visually Integrated Operating Room

Eatontown 13 June 2007The York Telecom Corporation and LiveData Inc. have teamed up to provide a groundbreaking new type of system known as the "Visually Integrated Operating Room" (VIOR). A remarkable advance in patient safety and Operating Room (OR) efficiency, the VIOR displays a complete picture of the surgical case, updated in real-time. The VIOR consists of the LiveData OR-Dashboard, which presents all relevant information about the surgical patient and operation on a large flat panel display; one or more additional displays for video and images; and associated audio-visual equipment, cameras, and infrastructure needed to display the data and images. On-demand links with Pathology, Radiology, and other resources beyond the OR further improve communication of critical information, resulting in fewer delays and more efficient peri-operative work flow.


"We are excited about our strategic partnership with LiveData and our mutual dedication to building the next generation of operating room", stated Ken Scaturro, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development for York Telecom. "Our history of building strong relationships with medical centres and hospitals gives both companies the opportunity to play a leadership role in the development of Visually Integrated Operating Room systems and enhance surgical procedures for hospitals all around the country."

LiveData OR-Dashboard captures, synthesizes, and automatically displays essential patient information, in step with the OR work flow. From the moment the patient enters OR care, the entire clinical team sees precisely what is happening, putting everyone on the same page. Patient identity, allergies, staff names, status of the procedure, and reinforcement of the Joint Commission safety pause and other safety protocols are all incorporated in this dynamic "electronic whiteboard" for the OR.

The VIOR typically includes a second panel for images from one or more operating room cameras. High-resolution video enables everyone in the room to see exactly what is happening and respond immediately. Video images can be archived for medical records, training, or even streamed across the Internet in telemedicine applications. A touch-panel control system makes it easy to show any image on any display, and to control video, lighting, and archiving.

"Our partnership with York Telecom has enabled LiveData to bring the VIOR from concept to reality", stated Jeff Scott, LiveData's vice president of marketing. "Together, we deliver a complete, visual representation of all relevant surgical information that spans diverse vendors' systems. Staff get the information they need, the moment they need it, without having to worry about how to get it. Communication is easier, reducing the likelihood of adverse and unexpected occurrences."

York Telecom's experience, in collaboration with architects, contractors, hospital staff, and audiovisual equipment manufacturers gives its engineers the ability to efficiently plan, design, and build the VIOR using the latest and best technologies. All cabling and infrastructure is designed to integrate the system into existing operating suites as well as new construction.

Through their history of building strong relationships with medical centres and hospitals, York Telecom and LiveData have taken a leadership role in creating Visually Integrated Operating Room systems. The VIOR concept represents a groundbreaking application that brings a new generation of care to surgical patients, physicians, and clinical staff.

York Telecom is a provider of visual communication services and solutions for health care institutions, the federal government, Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, and state and local governments. The company offers complete visual communication solutions across a wide range of disciplines including video-conferencing, streaming media, video on demand, distance learning, custom media studio and room design, and multimedia network management. Founded in 1985, York Telecom is headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey.

Specializing in real-time data integration and display, LiveData builds state-of-the-art systems for health care, utility, manufacturing, and government organisations. LiveData technology brings together data from any number of sources and presents it as meaningful information on easy-to-read graphic displays. Leading medical institutions, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, have selected LiveData OR-Dashboard to enhance patient safety, improve team communication and streamline peri-operative work flow. Founded in 1991, LiveData is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Leslie Versweyveld

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