Patient personal health records have become reality through provider endorsed Web-based system

San Diego 13 June 2007VisionTree Optimal Care (VTOC) is now reaching 100.000 patients in more than 40 sites. The Web-based system effectively standardizes personal health record documentation by applying the electronic clipboard at every point a patient needs to complete a form. Physician's unique registration and history forms are administered through VTOC and personal health record fields are populated and tagged, giving health care consumers and physicians access to vital data when they need it. This has improved patient/provider communications, staff work flow efficiency and safety practices.


"VTOC is a win-win for both health care consumers and their providers", stated Larry Khoo, M.D., director of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center's Spine Institute. "The system empowers us to regularly collaborate directly with our patients electronically as well as allow them to build their own personal health record and make the best decisions at the most critical times. VTOC will also serve as the vehicle to transform our practice to a true paperless office environment, increasing our staff's productivity and data gathering capabilities to effectively measure patient satisfaction."

VisionTree has received high approval and adoption ratings by both patients and staff with 90 percent finding it easy to use, 86 percent finding it very helpful as a tool to manage their health care, and 92 percent wanting to continue using it for their long term care needs.

VTOC is a proven and secure patient health management system for collecting and storing medical and personal health records, as well as consents, reminders, messaging, education material and outcomes data. This enterprise-based system has been adopted by numerous specialities, as well as for the self management of chronic diseases including hypertension and diabetes. The system empowers health care consumers to decide who will have access to their personal health record history, test results and other documentation.

Benefits realized by VTOC users include:

  • Reduced time required for staff to transfer patient and physician completed information from paper to electronic medical record systems.
  • Reduced transcription costs through dynamic transcription of patient and provider inputted data.
  • Collection of quality of life outcomes and patient satisfaction with high compliance and real-time reports.
  • Improved efficiency with scheduling, nurse and physician through eConsult.
  • Reduced missed/cancelled appointments with reminder system.

Previous industry attempts to achieve widespread adoption of a Web-based personal health record systems have been challenging for several reasons, including a lack of access by the health care consumer and the inability to transfer the data to other medical providers. A 2006 Forrester report noted that while nearly a third of consumers track their health information in some form, just one percent of those health record-keepers are using any of the on-line applications that health insurance plans, other vendors or employers, are providing. VTOC has achieved significant adoption through the patient/provider relationship and giving the health care consumer full command of their data.

"Since VTOC is used by my medical office, I fill out the information one time, and can view the data at my discretion, as well as share it with whomever I decide. I feel in control of my health care data and choices", stated patient Susan Mills.

VTOC is in 48 academic and community sites around the United States which include UCLA Medical Center, Henry Ford Hospital, Partners Telemedicine, Scripps Green Hospital and Carolinas Medical Center. More than 200 new users on average sign up for VTOC services through their provider each week.

"VTOC is making the patient-centric vision of the health care industry a reality", stated Martin Pellinat, founder and CEO of VisionTree. "VTOC customers are seeing the benefits of an easy-to-use and realistic electronic work flow system that integrates the patient into the process. Many providers have a percentage of their work flow electronic, but VTOC is the proven solution to collect forms, outcomes assessments and patient health records for the industry."

VisionTree Software Inc. is specialized in Web-based patient-centred health record management, communication and data collection systems. VisionTree's Healthcare Solutions consist of VisionTree Optimal Care or VTOC, VisionTree Outcomes Online and VisionTree Clinical Trials for Web-based data collection, efficient work flow, as well as improved communication, documentation and quality of care. VisionTree's customer base consists of academic and community health care organisations across the United States.

Leslie Versweyveld

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