Ekliptik chooses Ascension's 3D Guidance for implanting medical devices

Burlington 12 June 2007Ascension Technology Corporation has welcomed its newest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner, Ekliptik - maker of advanced implantable devices. Based in Slovenia, Ekliptik is using Ascension's 3D Guidance tracker in LIDIS - Less Invasive Distal Interlocking System - a new way of implanting surgical screws in severely fractured bones.


LIDIS is integrated with Ekliptik's image-guided navigation system, Guiding Star, for visualizing correct positioning prior to drilling screws into bones. The System uses four 1.3 mm 3D Guidance sensors for the alignment and placement of cannulated intramedullary nails in bones. The approach helps surgeons accurately locate distal holes in the tubular shaped nails and then position and drill interlocking screws into the broken bone.

A significant advantage of the LIDIS system, to both patients and surgical staff, is LIDIS' capability to dramatically reduce x-ray exposure, the standard imaging modality for locating nail holes. Using LIDIS, the position and orientation of the sensors are displayed in real-time, in three dimensions, on a monitor. It lets clinicians maintain a visual overview of screw alignment and positioning at all times.

The above pictures show how Ekliptik's LIDIS system uses 3D Guidance sensors to determine the proper position for drilling screws into broken bones. With the aid of a schematic display (picture 2) the surgeon can match the position and rotation of a jagged adapter (picture 1) with the corresponding location of distal holes in bone nails (picture 3).

Ekliptik's Mateja Majcen credits Ascension trackers as "uniquely meeting Ekliptik's product development needs". According to Mateja Majcen, ATC technology offers "the best sensor performance" as well as "ease and flexibility in customizing our navigation system for various medical procedures".

Jack Scully, Ascension's Vice President for New Business Development, stated: "Ekliptik has developed a new image-guided approach to repairing traumatic bone fractures. Their LIDIS system is an excellent example of the power of image-assisted medical intervention: simplified procedure, minimized X-ray exposure, and improved work flow."

Ascension Technology Corporation, based in Burlington, Vermont, USA, is a world expert in magnetic motion tracking solutions for medical applications. More information about Ascension trackers is available at the Ascension website or in the VMW June 2007 article Ascension to introduce 3D Guidance tracker in biopsy application at American Urological Association Conference 2007. More information about Ekliptik is available at the Ekliptik website.

Leslie Versweyveld

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